Aikatsu! – 92

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

Hey, hey. I thought of the best Brynhildr pun just now. Too bad I didn’t think of it when it was relevant.

And on an unrelated note, why does Wikipedia seem to prefer the two-word version of compound words for article titles? There’s photo shoot, punch line, and burn down chart. Photoshoot, punchline, and burndown chart are way more natural to me.

Episode 92: Torrent | Magnet

What, you want the pun? After the break. Because spoilers.

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Aikatsu! – 91

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

I’m like 75% okay with the selections.

Some amount of non-negative thanks to Yuyu for something or other.

Episode 91: Torrent | Magnet

Akatsukin notes: We finally find out the name of the guy who announces everything. His name is 徳井十九 (tokui tohku), pronounced the same as 得意トーク, which translated means “skilled at talking/announcing/commentating”. Now if only that Arai Satomi announcer would come back…
Thoughts on Mizuki after the break.

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Aikatsu! – 90

Yurika-tan, love you~

There was a Yurika scene in the episode I wanted to make a gif of but I can’t find it

Looks like I’m back on Aikatsu. Been since episode 75. Yurika is the best. Aoi is like, above average. So this was pretty nice.

Enjoy the product of Aka-chan’s “I can’t lose” karaoke effects.

The v2 is because we somehow missed a line. And EinsamerWanderer, I think I remembered to use quotes this time!

Episode 90: Torrent v2 | Magnet | Patch

Aikatsu BD News

So, as some of you may have heard, they finally decided to release BDs for Aikatsu S1! They’re selling them as two boxes costing ¥28,944 each (around 285$ currently) and will feature 4 discs per box for all 50 episodes of S1 in total. They’ll be coming out on the 5th November 2014 and 3rd February 2015. I’d totally go ahead and preorder them right now, but I’m so broke I can’t even pay for my server next month.

Anyway, there’s more! A really nice someone (again, thanks a lot!) uploaded the first S2 BDMV and will continue with atleast the second volume, so we’ll make sure BD releases will happen eventually in the near future! I hope you’re all ready for some glorious high quality performances.

Also, I hope 82 will be done within the next 24 hours. Ai katsu!

Aikatsu! 1-50 Batch + Extras!


Yes, finally, one cour after the epic finale of Aikatsu season 1, we bring you the updated batch! For the most part this was a one man effort, and I went over every single episode again, fixing timing, adding signs, updating consistency, and just making it better in general. This is the best you’re going to get [spoiler]until the BDs come out and we get someone to retime everything[/spoiler]. The effects are most pronounced near the beginning since we sucked, it helps that furzi stuck the missing aphorism segments onto the first seven episodes, and Etoce did a great help at the end since I’m incompetent with xdelta. As a bonus, I took various notes as I rewatched everything which you can find below the break.

Aikatsu! 1-50 batch: Torrent | Patch

Happy Winter Solstice, and help seed if you can (since it’s literally just me).

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Aikatsu! – 51

I picked a really boring release image.

I picked a really boring release image.

Here it is!

Man, I really like the do-re-mi line.

Why can’t I think of anything to write about? Are Aikatsu release posts always this hard to write?

Uh… Ichigo’s name still means strawberry.

Yeah, there we go.

Episode 51: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 50

 Those irreplaceable memories and uneventful days...

Those irreplaceable memories and uneventful days…

So here we are at the last episode of the season. Let me tell you (because I typed up the bottom part first and forgot to put this in), I was not expecting Aikatsu to be 50 goddamn episodes.  We learned this I think 7 episodes in, and resolved to finish it no matter what. Well, here we are, staring at the face of another 50 long episodes. Let’s see if our resolve doesn’t waver as time goes on.

Akatsukin (TL, timer, QC, TS, kfx (some), song TL (some)):

One year ago, I was inspired to start a fansubbing group. Etoce and I had played with the idea earlier, but neither of us had taken initiative until that time. I regularly checked fansubdb, looking to see if there were any show that was interesting, not too difficult, and not taken by another group. The first week of the 2012 Fall season came around, and I started downloading several raws for the first time. That’s when I stumbled upon a new idol show called Aikatsu! Nobody else was doing it, I knew I liked idols from AKB0048 and [email protected], and because it was a children’s show I knew it wouldn’t be too hard for our first subbing enterprise. Most importantly, I fell in love with Ichigo almost immediately.

I still remember that first week, desperately figuring out how to use aegisub, scrambling to make a website that looked good, and most importantly, coming up with a name for our group. If I remember correctly, it must’ve taken at least two full days of thinking (while all the while worried my efforts would go to waste) before I was inspired. I thought long and hard about what we could be called that also related to idols—and then it hit me. We would be “Mezashite!”, in honor of the girls who were ever aiming to become the top idol. I ran it by Eto (who rejected my alternative “Mezase!”), and our group was born. Yuyu joined us after the second episode, appalled that we didn’t have a proper encoder.

It hasn’t quite been a full year yet, but a lot has happened, and I’m glad we’re here today. We may still have a long way to the top, but we’ll keep on Aikatsu-ing all the way.

Etoce (Editing, TS, kfx, song TL (most))

Everything I can say about that first week is pretty much the same as what Akatsukin said, except that I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the name “Mezashite!”. I suppose one grows to like one’s name, though. I did, at least. My leading alternative was “Orbit”, which was an astrological term, a brand of chewing gum, and a vowel-starting-with word. The best fansub group ever had a name with those qualities, so I thought that taking that name would make us awesome for sure. (The main downside with “Orbit” being that it sounded pretty bad.)

As for Aikatsu, I liked it.

Yuyu (Encoding, “moral support”)

ai katsu


Episode 50 (END): Torrent

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