Aikatsu! Mirai e no Starway and Complete Batch

Follow your own Starway

Thank you for waiting! We are proud to present our subtitles for Aikatsu! 10th Story
~ Mirai e no Starway~! I know it’s been a long wait, but this has been a journey for all of us, and we’re proud to have brought you Aikatsu for the last ten years. In addition, I have made a batch of every single Aikatsu release we have ever had (in some cases only the higher resolution)! Very simply, these are only the exact most updated releases from Mezashite, not BD rips. That means that some of them will have TV artifacts like weather warnings and such. If you can find BDs for the main series, you should go for the higher quality. This release is simply to make sure that there is at least one source available for posterity. I have much more to say, but it has spoilers for the movie, so it’ll be below the release. And once again, thank you for always supporting Aikatsu.

And a note: The movie released as three separate episodes on the BD, so that’s how we’ve subbed it. And yes, they are numbered correctly, since you may be confused when you start episode 2.

Aikatsu! Starway to the Future: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! The Complete Batch: Torrent | Magnet

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Aikatsu Planet! The Movie

Dreaming of Aikatsu

What’s this? An appreciation day for Aikatsu fans everywhere? That’s right, we’re back to sub the movie! This aired in theaters earlier this year, and here we present just the Aikatsu Planet portion. When Aikatsu Starway to the Future becomes available, we’ll be back once again. In some ways it was hard brushing off the rust (and getting all of my archaic and arcane fansubbing programs working again on a new beef pc, I still don’t have them 100% up and running yet), but it’s like riding a bike or climbing a mountain— once you learn, you never forget. I hope you’ll enjoy this addition to the Aikatsu canon, and we’ll see you again soon.

And of course, releasing today was definitely intentional. Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Aikatsu airing, and tomorrow is Mezashite’s birthday too.

The movie: Torrent | Magnet | Nyaa

Aikatsu Planet! – 025

Do you have a dream hidden within your heart?

And with this, we have officially reached the end of this iteration of Aikatsu Planet. Aikatsu was a bit different this time, huh? But I found that subbing it was pretty much the same experience as always. I don’t have much to say this time since the last couple episodes already led up to the ending and I got out most of my thoughts. Definitely worth watching this one though, as it gives a lot of cool looks behind the filming.

As announced in the episode, this autumn there will be a new web program with the cast, but from what it says it’ll be more of an information and chatting thing, not an actual story. We’ll see how it is and decide what to do from there, but I’m expecting it to be similar to what went up on Youtube before Planet started.

As always, thank you for joining us on this journey. Always keep the spirit of Aikatsu in your heart, and may we meet again some day, somewhere. Everyone together! Mirror-in!

Episode 025: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Planet! – 024

Our requests

A trip down memory lane with a few new things. All the actual content is new, but most of the performances are old (with one exception!). I would recommend watching this as a nice close to the series. Next week is the real final episode, going behind the scenes of filming.

Episode 024: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Planet! – 023

To the future

While not technically the last episode, with this the main plot is over. That was a bit of a different ride than usual, but it closed out with some strong Aikatsu themes. The preview looks like there’ll be a fair amount of new content in the last special episodes, so I’ll see you there.

Episode 023: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Planet! – 021

The Dressia’s summons?

As you know from the preview, we blow past the entire semifinals this week, but perhaps something else begins to change? I was so immersed in the episode I had no idea what was coming, and I got totally surprised.

And some news, which you may already know. At the moment, Aikatsu Planet’s current timeslot will be ending in the last week of June. We don’t know yet what will come next, but I’d appreciate if you could be patient and refrain from speculation here. Thank you.

Episode 021: Torrent | Magnet