[Mezashite] Aikatsu! - 51 [AFD1E541].mkv_snapshot_00.27_[2013.10.06_13.31.53]

Episode Torrent Link
51 That Rocker is a Dream☆Girl Post
52v2 Welcome Home♫Strawberry Post
53 Ra-Ra-Ra☆★Rival Post
54 The Secret to Smiling Post
55 The Magic Phrase is Ok-Ok-Okay☆ Post
56 Love’s Top Secret Post
57 Mascot Cha-Ran-way! Post
58 Magical Dancing♪ Post
59 Wrap it Up☆Chocopop Detective Post
60 The Rumored PowaPuri☆ Post
61 Sparkle Splash Magic☆ Post
62 Idol Santa Claus! Post
63 Red-White Aikatsu Battle! Post
64 Lucky Idol☆ Post
65 Door of Dreams Post
66 Beautiful Mutual Feelings Post
67 Fortune Compass☆ Post
68 Flower-blooming Aurora Princess Post
69 Hosting Heart♡ Post
70 Stylish Explorers: Cool Angels! Post
71 What Glitters is Aquarius Post
72 Happy☆Idol Fest: 1st Day! Post
73 Happy☆Idol Fest: 2nd Day! Post
74 Sakura-colored Memories Post
75 Again♪Off-Time Post
76 Shocking☆Fresh Girl! Post
77 Let’s Aim to be Stars☆彡 Post
78 A Miracle Begins! Post
79 Yes! Best Partner Post
80 Aikatsu! Boot Camp Post
81 Click☆Partner Post
82 Aim for it☆Perfect Partners Post
83 Otome RAINBOW! Post
84 Blooming Miracle! Post
85 Rhapsody of the Desert Moon Post
86 My Dear Idol! Post
87 Soleil☆Rising! Post
88 Where Legends are Born Post
89 Admiration Is Eternal Post
90 Sparkle☆Future Girl Post
91 Assemble☆Aikatsu8 Post
92 Summer Idol Story Post
93 Twinkle Stars Post
94 Twin Wings Post
95 The Place Where Dreams Bloom Post
96 Let’s Akari Summer! Post
97 Secret Letter and Hidden Star Post

Staff Credits:

Editing Akatsukin
Encoding Yuyu, furzee
Song Translation, Timing, kfx Akatsukin
Timing Etoce
Translation Etoce
TLC Akatsukin
Typesetting Akatsukin
QC Etoce

4 thoughts on “Aika2!

  1. Thank you for your work ! It’s thanks to you that we can enjoy this wonderful show ! I hope you’ll sub the movie too !

  2. I thought I had my season 2 episodes still, but looking on my system and drives they seem to be spread around. I thought for simplicity sake I’d just get them from here again to make things simple, but it looks like the links are dead (at least the first few I’ve tried).

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