Virtual Aituber Nana Batch

We love you, Nanairo Nana!

We never forgot about you, Nana! We were just waiting so that we could put you with your favorite Aikatsu Navi, Coco’s episode. But now, sadly, it is time for the batch of every episode, 0-10 including two extras. The last release with subs was 7, so you can start there if you were already caught up. We also had to v2 episode 6 for a small error, but no patch. We know you’ve been Aikatsuing hard this entire time, even if we couldn’t see you, and you will always be an inspiration to us. Be well, Aikatsu Navi Nanairo Nana! Good luck, and we love you!

Nana Batch: Torrent | Magnet

Joint with Square Subs