Aikatsu Planet! – 023

To the future

While not technically the last episode, with this the main plot is over. That was a bit of a different ride than usual, but it closed out with some strong Aikatsu themes. The preview looks like there’ll be a fair amount of new content in the last special episodes, so I’ll see you there.

Episode 023: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Planet! – 021

The Dressia’s summons?

As you know from the preview, we blow past the entire semifinals this week, but perhaps something else begins to change? I was so immersed in the episode I had no idea what was coming, and I got totally surprised.

And some news, which you may already know. At the moment, Aikatsu Planet’s current timeslot will be ending in the last week of June. We don’t know yet what will come next, but I’d appreciate if you could be patient and refrain from speculation here. Thank you.

Episode 021: Torrent | Magnet