Aikatsu! Mirai e no Starway and Complete Batch

Follow your own Starway

Thank you for waiting! We are proud to present our subtitles for Aikatsu! 10th Story
~ Mirai e no Starway~! I know it’s been a long wait, but this has been a journey for all of us, and we’re proud to have brought you Aikatsu for the last ten years. In addition, I have made a batch of every single Aikatsu release we have ever had (in some cases only the higher resolution)! Very simply, these are only the exact most updated releases from Mezashite, not BD rips. That means that some of them will have TV artifacts like weather warnings and such. If you can find BDs for the main series, you should go for the higher quality. This release is simply to make sure that there is at least one source available for posterity. I have much more to say, but it has spoilers for the movie, so it’ll be below the release. And once again, thank you for always supporting Aikatsu.

And a note: The movie released as three separate episodes on the BD, so that’s how we’ve subbed it. And yes, they are numbered correctly, since you may be confused when you start episode 2.

Aikatsu! Starway to the Future: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! The Complete Batch: Torrent | Magnet

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Aikatsu! Music Awards and Movie 1 Drama CD

Our Aikatsu will continue forevermore!

Our Aikatsu will continue forevermore!

Man, this was something. Not only should the Drama CD have been out with the first movie, the Music Awards happened before season 4 even aired. Even if you’ve never listened/watched a Drama CD before, you should definitely see this one if you like Aikatsu.

The movie’s all about show show show. We tried to make the feeling of the script as close to the original as possible, but it’s predictably difficult. Oh, and that’s because 賞 means award, and it also means SHOW, and it’s also a verb ending meaning “let’s [verb]”. There were also 21 songs in the entire thing, including a performance straight from episode 60 and songs from season 1. Complicated signs were left out so that I don’t blow up your toasters. Right, you should already be somewhat familiar with what the Budokan is too from either baseball or other music shows. There’s probably more I’m forgetting, just remind me if you catch anything.

Phew, another promise kept. See you all for Aikatsu Stars.

Aikatsu! The Movie – Drama CD After-Party Special: Torrent | Magnet
Aikatsu! Music Awards [720p AAC]: Torrent | Magnet
Aikatsu! Music Awards [1080p FLAC]: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 152

Apparently their Starlight wardrobes also include color matching work clothes

Apparently their Starlight wardrobes also include color matching work clothes

That’s it, the last episode of our third season of Aikatsu. It’s been three whole years, and I feel like we’re still sticking to our original philosophy of making subs with love. In fact, it’s so much love we seem to go through an average of one encoder a year. So there are apparently some easter eggs in this episode’s performance, the times it happens should stick out pretty clearly. We also chose the best name we could for the vehicle you see above. Say your farewells, because next episode is potatoes.

Episode 152: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 151

Where have I seen this before...

Where have I seen this before…

The climactic and penultimate episode. I suppose this is the third time I’ve been able to say this now, and hopefully that will continue for long into the future. This episode embodies exactly what Aikatsu is and has been from the very start. I hope you’ll continue watching it with me as we make many more memories in the future on the road to encounters.

Episode 151: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 150

Who's that idol?

Who’s that idol?

It’s Saints!

Were you aware that “tristar” means three stars? Guess how many times they remind you. And now with little warning, we’ve hit one hundred and fifty episodes. It’s too early to get sentimental though, we still must resolve the School Festival.

Episode 150: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 147

Everyone's favorite shot of the episode

Everyone’s favorite shot of the episode

This episode looked like crap. In contrast, it was very well written and acted, and I even had to reference episodes as early as 16 and 23 to properly translate it. How’s that for continuity. And I could’ve sworn the year’s theme was supposed to be romance stories. I guess they ran out a while ago.

Episode 147: Torrent

PS: I think Sunrise listened to my email about “de nada”. Anyone want to check the BD of the original episode and see if they fixed it there too?

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Aikatsu! – 145

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It's more likely than you think

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It’s more likely than you think

Yeah, nothing can be done about those. The other channel actually had beeping, and it’ll be days before a fresh channel airs it (and there’s no guarantee that won’t also have warnings). I didn’t want to make you wait when we were done already.

Tamaya, if my memory of TL notes from years ago serves, was an important firework creator in Japan, and people shout his name when fireworks go off.

I forget what else I wanted to say, but they just keep piling on the cure hairstyles, and there appears to be a fun little Wing-kun plot forming. Please BNP, do it.

Episode 145: Torrent