Auricolor Mosaic


Episode Torrent Link
1 The Girl from Wonderland Post
2 I may be small Post
3 What kind of friends will I make? Post
4 Rainy with a chance of Aya Post
5 Together with Onee-chan Post
6 Golden Alice, Golden Karen Post
7 Hungry Hungry Karen Post
8 What Day is it Today? Post
9 Who’s Still Awake? Post
10 The Fantastic Five Post
11 Take a Guess at How Much I Love You Post
12 Golden Time Post

Staff Credits:

Editing Akatsukin
Encoding Yuyu (1-4), HS (5-12)
Song Translation & Timing Mostly Etoce
Timing Etoce
Translation Etoce
TLC Akatsukin
Typesetting Akatsukin
QC Etoce

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