Charlotte – OVA

I hate it when I translate something from English to English and then Yuu translates it into Japanese.

Well, here’s the last Charlotte thing. It’s an extra episode that came with the BDs, set chronologically somewhere between episode one and episode thirteen.

Oh yeah, speaking of Yuu, who else is excited for Darvish’s return?

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Charlotte – 13

Tomori is so the best.

Tomori is so the best.

Well. It’s over. Joint with Good Job! Media.

I’m going to write up a separate post later with series-wide translation notes, non-translation notes, and translation non-notes. But first, staff reflections. Well, first, the release. Then, the staff reflections.

Episode 13: Torrent | Magnet

Etoce (Translation, Timing, Song TL, QC):

I really thought that Brynhildr would be the last show I translated, but when Charlotte came around, I thought “Hey, I haven’t actually ever translated a show with any sort of hype whatsoever—I should get in on that!” And here we are. I feel like I scored a bunch of achievements in the game of fansubbing with this show. The baseball episode was particularly enjoyable. As for the show itself, I don’t know how to feel about it now, but I’m sure I’ll think back on it fondly years later, kinda like how I felt about Angel Beats. That last scene, though—shades of Aozora from Air and Kage Futatsu from Clannad. Not quite Chiisa na Tenohira though.

Akatsukin (Editing, TLC):

I’m not sure what happened here. All I know was that the most exciting part of the livewatch was the Rewrite anime announcement. The only theme I could spot was siblings. If anyone at all knows that the moral or lesson of Charlotte was supposed to be, please tell me. I am an anime expert, and I still don’t understand.

Chhotu_uttam (Typesetting):

The show was decent IMO. Agreed that we all had high expectations from this show but nevertheless it was a quite fun to work on. Kudos to Asenshi GJM & Mezashite staff for doing such a great work and dealing with my slack.

Anyway, Next stop TariTari HaruChika.

vinylfreak (Encoding):

 When I first heard of another Key show I was shocked and excited. The show delivered in part, but honestly was not of the substance I came to know and love from Key. From a technical standpoint, the show was fairly easy to work on other than an episode or two of pure nightmares. Of course I loved working with the staff and thought the joint made for a really steallar team. Oh, and Sakura Ayane is love. That is all 😉

Fyurie from GJM (QC, Typesetting)

Well, this was certainly a fun show. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped in the end, but I’m still glad that I can say that I was able to offer a good release for a Key anime.

On top of that, working with Aka and Eto from Mezashite was an experience I would like to repeat in the future, hopefully we can find another project sometime.

Pikminiman from GJM (Typesetting)

When I heard Angel Beats was getting some sort of spiritual successor, I was excited to get involved, so I’m glad I got to contribute a meager amount of typesetting. Also, I finally got around to watching the first two episodes from Aniplex, and I can safely say that those “official” subs singlehandedly justify the existence of fansubs. Haro-Haro, anyone?

Jocko from GJM (Karaoke effects)

Don’t ask me, I just make sparkly text.

Charlotte – 12

Nao-chan can eek sweet be.

Nao-chan can eek sweet be.

Joint with Good Job! Media.

This was a good episode to watch. Very annoying to sub. Actually, not that annoying to sub. But it seemed really not annoying to sub when I watched it, and then it was just kinda annoying to sub, so it was annoying that it wasn’t not annoying.

Also, we all thought this episode was very Angel Beats-ish, but all for different reasons.

Episode 12: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 11


I don’t like this lack of Tomori we’re having.

Joint with Good Job! Media.

Wikipedia tells me that the cutoff between long-period comets and short-period comets is a 200-year period. But 75 is clearly less than 200, so what gives, Maeda? (And yes, those definitions apply to 長(周)期彗星 and 短(周)期彗星 as well.)

Episode 11: Torrent | Magnet

Mahjong after the break.

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Charlotte – 08


Half human, half paint smudge

Joint with Good Job! Media.

ZHIEND is “the end”, in case you didn’t know. And speaking of didn’t know, we don’t know how know you guys that. Do you know?

Also, the ZHIEND song reminds me of the “the place changes and goes” song from Clannad. Didn’t Eclipse translate that one from English to English?

Episode 08: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 07



Nothing on the TV is really important. There’s a trivia show at the beginning where they talk about Golden Ramen which at least references something in the show, I guess.

Episode 07: Torrent | Magnet

See the rest of the post if you want to make Otosaka-style omurice (the secret sauce is still secret, unfortunately—you’ll have to substitute regular pizza sauce).

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Charlotte – 06


Clover-hairpin-chan second-best?

Joint with Good Job! Media.

Maybe this series does have some OP foreshadowing after all. Speaking of foreshadowing, I’m not alone in feeling that the word “to foreshadow” can be used in common speech to mean “to be an omen of”, right?

Oh yeah, and I made an account because at least one of the cool people is doing it, and I’m supposed to link to it to get questions or something… but I don’t want to do that because it feels so attention-whorey.

Episode 06: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 05

Joujirou bathing


Joint with Good Job! Media.

Delays caused by power outages or something? I’m not sure. I would write something about the episode but it’s been so long.

Here are my opinions on the episode:

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Episode 05: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 04

Tomori gripping a baseball

Best girl demonstrating a knuckleball grip. Not all knuckleballers use this grip—notably, Tim Wakefield gripped his with the tips of his fingers.

Speaking of knuckleballs, you’re great, R.A. Dickey, but you’ll never be as valuable as d’Arnaud and Syndergaard. Man, that trade was a steal.

And why don’t they try to tag the runners at second and third at 15:00ish? Those aren’t force plays.

Edit: Mejia you are a fucking idiot.

Episode 04: Torrent | Magnet

Notes on stuff after the break.

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