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So, as some of you may have heard, they finally decided to release BDs for Aikatsu S1! They’re selling them as two boxes costing ¥28,944 each (around 285$ currently) and will feature 4 discs per box for all 50 episodes of S1 in total. They’ll be coming out on the 5th November 2014 and 3rd February 2015. I’d totally go ahead and preorder them right now, but I’m so broke I can’t even pay for my server next month.

Anyway, there’s more! A really nice someone (again, thanks a lot!) uploaded the first S2 BDMV and will continue with atleast the second volume, so we’ll make sure BD releases will happen eventually in the near future! I hope you’re all ready for some glorious high quality performances.

Also, I hope 82 will be done within the next 24 hours. Ai katsu!

23 thoughts on “Aikatsu BD News

  1. I’ll be buying and uploading the season 1 boxes for U2娘@Share probably within a week from when they are released (pre-orders are already placed).
    They’ll be on U2 and ADC at least and possibly also on nyaa at some point.

    • One question – did they list in regards to what the S1 BDs will include (besides higher quality versions of the episodes)? As stated earlier, some of us are hoping that NC versions for both OPs/EDs for season 1 will be included (along with any music performance vids from the anime, without interruptions, if any).

    • For anyone still reading this, I’ve decided to also buy/upload S2 BDs.
      The first 4 vols arrive early July, vol.5 early September and the rest will probably come in batches of 1/2 vols at a time, but I haven’t ordered them yet.

  2. Awesome news in terms of the BDs! My only request is to cover all the NC versions of the OPs/EDs (for both S1 and S2) and any separate music performance vids that are included in those BDs. We beg you!

    I know I’m not the only one pleading for NC versions of both OPs/EDs so far for both Aikatsu! seasons (along with performances without interruptions, if there are any on the BDs). Those are still awesome to check out even after viewing all the episodes themselves for the season.

  3. O.o I want to preorder it too, But now I can’t!!! With the doctor bills, my savings is less of $90 USD

    • I’m not Yuyu, Akatsukin, or Etoce, but I can answer that; unfortunately, even though the BDs are in the works, the content itself is still obviously going to be Japan only. The only difference that would occur here for both S1 and S2 BDs of Aikatsu! are the picture quality.

      • if Mezashite releases a 720p Batch im all for it.
        480p while good misses small details out. 1080p the files get to biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig

  4. 285 bucks is waaaaay too expensive. It’s R$ 631 (R$ = Brazilian Real). That’s almost one minimum wage and I’m not putting the taxes (which push the price to R$900 easily). I barely have R$ 200 in my pocket. I think I’ll try to win the lottery so then I can buy.

  5. that’s why I never buy stuff from Japan – I can get them for free thanks to some (awesome) people on internet 😀

    • If you need the subtitles than there isn’t much point to buying them other than aesthetic value or supporting the franchise, though…

    • If you have the money for it and do like this show a lot I’d suggest you still buy it because it’s probably the most effective and (sort of) affordable way to support the industry.
      Who knows, maybe you can turn into one of those (awesome) people on the internet.
      They might not have subs, but they look great in a collection and it’ll actually support the industry effectively.
      It’s a giant money sink (I’m spending most of my money on imports), but to me it’s worth it.

      • my parents barely let me buy merchandice that I will totally use so I’m not talking about albums or even BD discs that I can find online for free!

    • All I care about is if the “music videos” for the BDs will have the stage performances as seen in the anime itself. Because comparing that to what I saw in terms of vids from the Aikatsu! games themselves – they are somewhat less stellar as compared to the anime adaption performances.

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