Aikatsu! – 90

Yurika-tan, love you~

There was a Yurika scene in the episode I wanted to make a gif of but I can’t find it

Looks like I’m back on Aikatsu. Been since episode 75. Yurika is the best. Aoi is like, above average. So this was pretty nice.

Enjoy the product of Aka-chan’s “I can’t lose” karaoke effects.

The v2 is because we somehow missed a line. And EinsamerWanderer, I think I remembered to use quotes this time!

Episode 90: Torrent v2 | Magnet | Patch

3 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 90

  1. LOL – you did indeed remember the quotes, kudos. 😉

    I don’t say it often enough, but ‘thank you very much’ to the whole staff for your great work and dedication; it is appreciated.

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