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Yes, finally, one cour after the epic finale of Aikatsu season 1, we bring you the updated batch! For the most part this was a one man effort, and I went over every single episode again, fixing timing, adding signs, updating consistency, and just making it better in general. This is the best you’re going to get [spoiler]until the BDs come out and we get someone to retime everything[/spoiler]. The effects are most pronounced near the beginning since we sucked, it helps that furzi stuck the missing aphorism segments onto the first seven episodes, and Etoce did a great help at the end since I’m incompetent with xdelta. As a bonus, I took various notes as I rewatched everything which you can find below the break.

Aikatsu! 1-50 batch: Torrent | Patch

Happy Winter Solstice, and help seed if you can (since it’s literally just me).

Images of every single coord used in the show

Mizuki is (not) a bitch:
1) Mizuki says that she wants Ichigo to catch up with her (see ep33)
2) She is vague about what she thinks will come of Ichigo and Aoi’s friendship…
…But she supports Ichigo and believes she’ll catch up with her
3) Allows Ichigo to be her assistant manager. Also trains the hardest
5) She teaches Ichigo how to runway walk, and tells her about Ran stepping with her left foot
7) “May your dreams tonight be sweet as a crepe”
9) Encourages Ichigo to get the rest of the masteries
10) “A miracle isn’t something that you wait for to happen.
It’s something that you {i1}make{i0} happen. Good luck.”
12) She joins everyone for a fun Christmas party
13) When Orihime tells her to pair with Ichigo for the special live, Mizuki tries to go
against it so that she doesn’t accidentally crush her
More or less teaches Ichigo how to spoil herself with restraint…
…however, she appears to feel fear or apprehension when she remembers Ichigo’s potential
And finally, Mizuki appears to be seriously considering Ichigo for a potential equal
15) “The moon shines solitary in the night sky, beautiful because you cannot reach it.” (???)
16) She starts using “Hoshimiya” instead of “Ichigo-chan”
Gives her special personal training for Special Appeals
Teaches her the importance of frustration, and the desire to move forward, which also
reveals a lot about her personality and how much she cares for her fans
17) Covers for Ichigo so hard she becomes a Legend
19) Fufufu, subtle hints towards both Yurika’s effort and how to make a character
26) Gives Ichigo some nice senpai advice
28) Tells Ichigo that she’s looking for a partner right before the FGC finals
Does four fucking special appeals again
“It’s true that you aren’t ready to be my partner just yet, but if you keep biting onto me like a soft-shelled turtle…
Hoshimiya Ichigo… You might be able to become the sun.”
33) Mizuki always stood alone so as not to hurt her friends, but now she has steeled herself
to find partners she can rely on. “I want to take on everyone’s feelings myself.”
36) Mizuki immediately notices Ran’s distress and starts to act on helping her
37) She’s really looking out for Ran this entire episode. Seriously, just read her text again.
41) Personal tips. Also, Love You~
45) Just all sorts of talking on equal footing now. Almost there, Ichigo~
46) “I want nothing more than for them to catch up to me”
47) This is probably the most humanizing episode for Mizuki
48-50) Too much to mention

Otome deserves the title:
10) Her character seems a bit different… almost as if she’s really shy.
Still, they characterize her as a girl who gets up no matter how much she falls down.
For all the sweets she eats, she exercises even more than needed
Image training for a job a months in advance. Awareness of her own faults
“I’m a bit of a klutz. That’s why I need to practice much more than other people.”
Once again: wow, Otome’s original personality is way different
13) Otome starts her -tan spree here (Ichigo only)
15) Otome is still incredibly spacy. Guess it sets up for her serious mode later
So kind! She chooses to help both Ikuyo-san AND get her premium coord. Also never gives up
But is reasonable enough to step down when asked. Also, passes off the ring she just got
20) She feels no fear
27) She ran all the way from Starlight to Angely Mountain to do training on her own,
determined to show Mizuki her growth
30) Fucking sprints to see her top designer after hearing about Sakura’s love for her brand
Is the first girl to get her second Premium Dress while simultaneously helping Sakura
33) Makes it to the top of the wall first with Ichigo
38) Made the independant unit PowaPuri all on her own, and even brought Shion into the spotlight
45) Writes down new lyrics as soon as she thinks them up, even at the pool
xx) Other than the main three, Otome is the only idol to get two Premium coords

S-rank translations/references:
7) “Aikatsu, you katsu, we all katsu!” Completely original pun to replace the original
Thanks for liking it so much, everyone
9) kokoroe=mastery. yes, this took me fucking forever to get
11) Sparkling Daydream
14) Bad reference to “Beginner”. Oh god, two of them. Fucking 0048
22) Minus one for missing an aikatsu/katsuai untranslatable pun
23) Another bad reference: Standby Ready
27) Dance like you want to win!
31) First, the song line “senobishita pafyuumu” into “Wearing Mom’s perfume”
Second, the “boils down to your own efforts”, referencing the kinpira
39) Embarrassing remarks aren’t allowed (though I fudged the Japanese a bit)
40) Idle Activities. My masterpiece.
46) There is some retroactive shit going on here to somehow match the ED of season 2

Odayaka ja nai count:
01) 1
19) 1 (Fucking finally)
20) 2
22) 2.5+0.5
24) 1+
26) 1
27) 1
28) 1
32) 1 (Ichigo: 1)
33) 3+ (First line bonus)
34) 1
35) 1
39) 1 (Last line bonus)
40) 1
43) 1
44) 1
48) 1
49) (Ichigo: 1)
50) (Raichi: 1)
Aoi Total: 21

I’ll suck your blood (suu AND suwaretai):
19) 5
20) 3
21) 3
22) 1
23) 2
25) 1 (sutteageyou kashira)
27) 2
28) 1
33) 2
34) 1
35) 1
41) 1
42) 1
45) 1 (promise to suck blood)
49) 2+ (goku goku)
50) 3
Yurika Total: 30

1) My god the art gets better. Ichigo’s voice too. Also, Aoi used to end sentences with “wa” a lot
Is the old lady from ep1 possibly Amahane? Also, the Yurika/Otome silhuettes look odd
Raichi first smells an idol. They train without “Aikatsu”. Who are the other 8 passers?
2) Ringo hops in the idol pictures immediately with her scoop
Johnny’s first phrase is “Blast off!”
Aoi used to be an ojou. She did calligraphy, horseback, violin, and piano
Ichigo actually does better than Aoi until she falls over
3) Starlight trains managers?
4) They start running in this episode. Ran is very anti-friend still
5) Ichigo mentions renai kinshi, first Good job, ore. Ran actually goes through
the same thing as Mizuki losing her friends
6) Ran first brings out her wakame
7) Aoi still Ojou-sama-y (wa~). First Ichigo supporting other development.
Naoto’s revelation of being Nao, and also having Aikatsu cards
8) Holy shit, sleeping girl hakken! (3.35) Johnny is apparently putting on an act?
This convo is really good. CARORII OBAA~? (lead into ep13). Hikari practices Trap of love
9) First Starmiya? Also, Ran truly becomes their nakama. CG update episode, and first aura
10) Fixed that fucking mess of a sign. Also what the fuck airhead+airhead=miracle?
Don’t go acting like you understand, Hime. Also, timing seems to be acceptable (finally)
Major clues about Suzukawa and his band
11) Otome stops her pekopeko-rin thing pretty soon after this, I think. Still uses -chan
First episode mentioning love. Renai Kinshi, idols are for everyone to admire
12) Ichigo was the original “Okay” girl. Hime calls Miya about Ichigo+Mizuki
Specialties: Mizuki’s is song, Ichigo’s is making perfect rice
13) Those mascot characters show up!!! (reference ep 57)
Suzukawa bakes potatoes for ichigo
14) Wow, nice Ran development: “All I do is hide my weak points”
They will eventually change Otome’s character from just silly phrases into a more fundamental
and overall personality. Not yet, though.
15) Holy crap I forgot the Phone has a calorie counter
16) Ha, they updated the CG for the flashback to ep1
17) This is the first clear evidence that Ringo is Miya
Mizuki comes off stage still in her coord… how do the cards work again?
The first time the term “Legend” is brought up. Ichigo still has yet to reach it… (ep57+)
Ichigo starts using “Mizuki-san” at the end of this episode… maybe? Also, so much sun
18) Oh? Ran says it’s fine to have one-sided feelings for someone
Oh, a gig without an audition. Does Otome ever learn Raichi’s a boy?
Looks like they get slightly different pre-auras for the good coord
19) Oh wow, Ichigo “engaves the lyrics onto her soul” again
20) It’s not like Yurika -always- uses her parasol. Intro of Aikatsu Ranking and SLQCup
Pretty sure Sakura has a minor voice role in the bushes. Yurika is first ever to wear
Loli Gothic premium rare?
21) Just my thought, but maybe Mizuki’s training for her historical drama was with Sakura?
22) Ichigo first becomes able to willingly get her aura out
23) Now does Otome start her -tan spree? I’m making a note here: extra Yurika moe
24) Ichigo stole Ran’s favorite again…
Oh, look at all this talk of the Sun being so bright it blots out the stars
They promised to actually go to the hot springs some day
25) First day of airing on Thursday… just in time to miss April Fools on Monday
26) Wow, Sakura beats Ichigo in running
28) Oh yeah, check out that running into the sunlight
29) Ok, I think they all use Mizuki-san now after the Fresh Girls Cup
30) Otome and Sakura’s first interaction? They update the Aikatsu Phone so you can dress up
on it
31) First Carmilla reference (see ep 60)
Was Miya in Masquerade already when she met Taichi? What was the rough patch?
Second mention of new legends being born
32) Angely Sugar producers have a list of candidates- Amaha says nope, Ichigo-chan
33) Tristar arc begins… oh man, Hikari appearance! Mmm, give me that stairway metaphor, yeah
Ha, Yurika gets the eyecatch for this episode (foreshadowing?). Oh man, Otome and Ichigo get
to the top first. Oh god, Splash best duo unit
That was some bullshit with Otome and Sakura performing TRIstar’s song with just two
Goddamn Kaede’s entrance the best, fuck yeah America
34) Despite coming in as a rival character, she blends and and is immediately likable
(unlike some other rival “idol” later). Also, Otome takes some Sakura influence at the end
35) Remember how Tristar’s schedule is packed for several years? Neither does Sunrise
If you watch the concert closely, you’ll notice that Ran is really, REALLY focused on
36) The one and only time we see behind the scenes of the Aikatsu system this episode
Also, remember Ran moving out? Yeah…
Mizuki’s the only one who doesn’t get a star in Orihime’s metaphor. Guess she’s still the moon
In four episodes of Take me Higher, they never got to the final version of the song
38) “I’m sure Tristar will continue shining for many more years”… thanks, Orihime
Oh shit, Powa Powa Puririn is born! Still have yet to hear their debut song
When in Tristar, Mizuki starts at zero Excitement bar like everyone else
39) Was that a callback to the handshake training in episode 2? Wow.
40) Second Aoi Premium dress
41) Yurika comes out of her coffin when Ran leaves… kore wa koi?
Star-Anis very well could’ve been the inspiration for constellation coords
42) Extremely valuable Kaede backstory, and the trigger that changed the face of Aikatsu
43) I think they added hashtags to KiraKiratter this episode. That, or it’s just the first
time they’re shown. And hey, what happened to “schedule packed for years”?
“Every actor coincidentally caught a cold”…? I think not
Second trigger for Ichigo flying off to America
44) “I heard that Suzukawa is the Headmistress’s younger brother”… but not -our- headmistress
Only episode besides the last with an alt ED
45) It’s Kaede’s idea to go scuba diving. Ran -seriously- wants to go to a hot spring
46) Begin SQC arc, and they finally bring back the Aikatsu ranking. Even Yurika is running
47) The moon does in fact show nearly a month passing between this and the last episode
First use of “Aikatsu Illusion Stage” term?
Oh yeah, look at that midnight rendevous role reversal. And Mizuki calls her “Ichigo”?
Masquerade are the only other idols who start with a maxed Excitement Bar
Also, Miya has the same aura as Ichigo
48) Raichi realizes about Miya immediately. What a boss.
Ichigo’s second Premium coord. And actually, Masquerade’s aura fills up the entire stage
49) Note that the SQC is on a full moon night. Mazu wakame tabena
Everyone knows who won before the announcement except Ichigo, and they act pretty cute
Overall) Hime pronounces “fan” incredibly strangely (seriously, listen to her)
Each of the main 8 girls are split up into 4 groups representing Cute, Cool, Sexy, and Pop
…I thought there’d be more, and maybe there will be later

9) Song (uta) Red/Music note
15) Appearance (youshi) Pink/Bow accessory
21) Acting (engi) Green/Book
30) Communication (wajutsu) Orange/Speech bubble
40) Dance (dansu) Purple/Tap shoes
50) Friendship (kizuna) Blue/Handshake

Someone posted their birthdays so I might as well put it here too:
Ichigo: March 15
Aoi: January 31
Ran: August 3
Otome: May 5
Yurika: December 26
Sakura: April 6
Kaede: November 23
Mizuki: September 18
Seira: November 11
Kii: December 3

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  1. Fantastic, thank you very much! I’ve been way behind so I may as well start over from the beginning so I can enjoy the changes.

    BTW, the quotations marks are missing in the .bat file for the command lines to delete the old files – not that it really matters, it just doesn’t delete the old files since it can’t ‘find’ them.

    Thank you again for all you do, I look forward to more Aikatsu and whatever other projects you take on in the future; keep aiming for the top!

  2. Batch! Katsu!
    Since the download gonna take da― at least two weeks, please answer my question:
    Did you updated the lyrics of “We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU ver.” as well? Since “I’ll meet you” just happened to be “I meet U”…

  3. Thanks.
    A couple things though: The batch doesn’t include the Aikatsu Aphorisms for episodes 1-7. I was hoping they’d somehow be patched (or ordered chaptered) into the episodes in this batch.

    • They’re all appended at the end after the next episode preview. It was easier than trying to put it where they should be, and it’s all the same in the end. The patch should’ve fixed the issue too if you used it.

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