OreShura title

Episode Torrent Link
1 Mayhem at the Start of High School Life Post
2 Bloodshed when Forming a New Club Post
3 A Childhood Friend’s Tears are a Tempest Post
4 Carnage in a Fight Between Men Post
5 The Truth of the Love Letter Brings Chaos Post
6 Fury that Tears the Ashen World to Pieces Post
7 Absurdity During Summer Training Post
8 Showdown at the Movie Theater Double Date Post
9 The Remembered Promise is Crazy Post
10 Disorder at the Summer Training Camp Meeting Post
11 Chaos in the Excitement the Night Before Camp Post
12 The Strategy Leads to Naught but Madness Post
13 Shuraba to the New World Post

Staff Credits:

Editing Akatsukin
Encoding Yuyu
Song Translation & Timing Akatsukin
Timing Etoce
Translation Etoce
TLC Akatsukin
Typesetting Akatsukin
QC Etoce

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