Aikatsu on Parade! – 025 (To a Shining Future)

The baton will always be passed on

I had a lot to say here, to the finale of Aikatsu on Parade. But after getting it all out there through my final watch before release, which you can find in the usual place, I really don’t have anything to add. I said it before, but Aikatsu isn’t just another anime—it’s special. It shows what can happen, what you can accomplish, when you take to heart what those before you have to teach and give you, and then pass that on to those who will one day walk in your footsteps. It’s not just about being an idol; these are lessons and reminders of how to live your life best. When I first watched this episode, I fell into a light depression, the emptiness inside of me growing with the loss of On Parade; but with the release of our subs, another cycle has been completed, and that means I can start anew once again. It will never end, even far into the future. I’ve walked with Aikatsu for a full quarter of my life, and now Aikatsu will forever walk with me.

From Etoce:

(Coming soon)

Dream Story will be worked on and out before Friday night, but I need a break. I’ve been working on BNA over at Asenshi, and I recommend it if you want more of Ichigo’s voice. Things will be different for a little while, but come autumn we will be reborn. In the meantime, keep on living your life and chasing your dreams—I believe in you.

Episode 025: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu on Parade! – 024

Look at how perfect all these pairs are

What a fun look to the past and future this was. On top of all the Aikatsu feeling good, I felt a deep connection with a certain part of the episode, similar to an experience I’ve had that changed my life and my dream. You can feel that everyone involved with making this is still looking far ahead. Next week, it seems like there will be both the regular episode and the new web series—I’m still not sure exactly how it will work, but as always, both will be released on time. See you there.

Oh, and I’m safely back in America. Fun times ahead. Don’t forget about Aikatsu.

Episode 024: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu on Parade! – 022

That which is passed down

I can feel it, the spirit and soul of Aikatsu flowing through my blood. Even now, Raki is still growing and learning as an idol, maturing as a person. We’re at the climax, and it looks like we’re going out with a bang.

Episode 022: Torrent | Magnet

I’m not going to make a separate post about the important announcements, I’m just going to put the most important things here. You can view the videos yourself on AiTube or

  • Starting Saturday March 28, a new season of Aikatsu on Parade will begin with a web broadcast. If you’re reading this now, it means you probably won’t notice any difference with the sub releases or where to watch.
  • The Aikatsu DCD (arcade game) is starting a new set to match it.
  • A new Aikatsu project is starting autumn of this year. We know that there will be new Aikatsu machines to match it, and we know there will be a TV broadcast for it. More information is coming in June. Anything more is speculation.

Aikatsu on Parade! – 020

The world is centered around local idols!

Man, not only was this a festival of locadols, it very seamlessly led into the upcoming arc. More than just a feelgood episode, it again utilized the past foundations of Aikatsu to nurture Raki as well, and set up her next steps. But mainly, it was just a ton of fun.

You may have heard, but they announced that there will be a “Big Announcement” on Sunday, March 8th, in two weeks. Nobody knows what it is. If somebody says they do, it would be to your benefit not to listen. Please don’t spread rumors here either. Thank you, and look forward to it.

Episode 020: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu on Parade! – 018

Me slightly offscreen freaking out

This is where everything finally comes together. Where all we’ve learned and experienced is combined into one climactic explosion. All the people, the places, the times and spaces, the lessons and links and love. This is for her and them, but also for you and me.

This is Your Entrance.

Episode 018: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu on Parade! – 017

She’ll suck your blood!

I know how many people were not just excited, but dying to see this episode. So don’t worry about my thoughts—you go out there untainted and enjoy it.

Episode 017: Torrent | Magnet

P.S. Next week will be slightly delayed because I’m going to Geika, the biggest Aikatsu doujin event in Japan. So it’ll be out during the week sometime, not the weekend.