Aikatsu Planet! – 013

Enter: Antagonist

Wow, I know I can’t be the only one who sensed an overflowing aura of evil from Meisa this episode. There were many webs woven this episode, as we followed the perspectives of three separate people entangled in the developing plot. If nothing else, this got me really excited to see how this plays out, especially between Meisa and Ayumi, and how Rose will make her appearance.

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Aikatsu Planet! – 012

Cute new hairstyle

At first, I was expecting this to be a “everyone teaches Mao math” episode, but it turned out to be far more creative, relevant, and impactful compared to what would otherwise be a generic plot. It makes a lot of sense once you think about it after the fact. And finally, we learn about the first major goal the girls have, and what it takes to make it.

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Aikatsu Planet! – 010

It’s Doujima Nina, ya know!

This is it, the climax of the first part. The episode that everything has been slowly building up towards for the first cour. What happens when you find out that the idol you love so much has been lying to you for all this time? We’ll see what everyone thinks, and their own individual feelings towards it.

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Aikatsu Planet! – 009

Six sidles must be sacrificed to birth one idol

Shiori’s view on fairy tale protagonists and idols was a wonderful take on the topic (no pun intended). We got some nice, traditional Aikatsu going this episode, and finally got to see what it looks like to create your own idol avatar. I really want to go outside and try my hand at bouldering once it’s possible again.

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Aikatsu Planet! – 007

Me, this episode

Disclaimer: We couldn’t do anything about Ruli this episode. The entire point is that nobody understands her, so please accept it. And just so you’re not confused I’ll say upfront that Meruli is stated to be male later in the episode.

So those things aside, I really loved the scene in the middle of the episode with Ruli and one other person. I’ll never tire of those lessons in children’s shows, and that particular interaction was unique, this being the first time. And I’ll never complain about more drama episodes.

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Aikatsu Planet! – 006

I’m pretty sure there’s a particular “dere” archetype describing her…

Subs were late this week because I was away and got stuck because of snow, so sorry about that (no it wasn’t Texas). I’m really enjoying Ann’s character here, and I think there’ll be some interesting interactions later on down the line. But my favorite part of this episode was probably the tiny little reference to Mizuki. It makes me emotional every time I remember it. You’ll know when you see it.

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