Aikatsu Planet! – 001

The shining line continues

It’s been a long time, but we’ve finally returned. Things look a bit different this time around, but deep down inside, I can feel that this is surely Aikatsu. More than Akari gen, and more than Stars, I think we’ll all need some time to adjust, so take it at your own pace. We’ll be here, as always, doing our subkatsu.

Episode 001: Torrent | Magnet

23 thoughts on “Aikatsu Planet! – 001

  1. Hi! Welcome back to subkatsu, thank you again as always and hopefully this is the start of something special. May the kind of sky above us will once again be filled with Aikatsu!

  2. It is indeed different. But it may be good after all.
    I watch Planet Station and these actresses/Idols are really trying. And this makes them grow on me. I’ll support them anyway I can (like importing official stuff).
    Their route is a totally different route from Girls² (which I also love). And makes me have even more attention on them. Too see how far they can go.
    Well… As for now, thanks a lot for the episode!

    PS: Sad they only release the arcade on Japan. The game looks lit!

  3. Memang sudah untuk melatih diri untuk suka Terhadap sesuatu yang baru tetapi semakin kita ingin tahu apa yang baru itu itu yang membuatnya semakin menarik jadi Aikatsu planet mungkin mengasyikkan untuk dinonton jadi mari nonton sesuatu yang baru

  4. Never thought the day would come when I feel depressed after watching a Aikatsu show this was just horrible this had nothing to do with Aikatsu even the animated dancing they screwed up big time this felt like someone watched to many fairy shows and decided to turn Aikatsu into one and my god the live action acting was bad I’ve seen better acting from a syfy show sigh.

    I will be leaving this it was good while Aikatsu lasted thanks for the fun memories.

  5. Saya suka denga cerita ini karena begitu menarik perhatian saya selain lagu , pelampilan , ekting , dan juga yang lainnya meberi begitu bayak kebahagian untuk saya . Pesan dari saya tetap lah bejuang aikatsu planet saya mendukung anda selalu 🙏🙏

  6. Thank you so much for continuing to sub this! Aikatsu is so important to me and I’m glad its still here to make us all smile~

    This definitely feels different from the OG and will take some getting used to, but the charm is still there! AiPla is definitely still Aikatsu at its core. I do think the acting is a little rough, but as a fan of tokusatsu (including the girls x heroine series) its not the worst I’ve seen and I look forward to seeing how they grow as the series continues.

    Too early to say whether I love AiPla or just like it, but it’s definitely worth taking my time to continue watching so I can truly make up my mind about it. Certain fans definitely won’t like this new direction, and I do think the animation quality took a hit in a few spots, but I for one think its promising!!

    Looking forward to future releases!!

  7. Aside from the CG performances, the anime portion’s animation quality is quite low (the “Aikatsu Planet” space looks like a city made of cardboard cut-outs and kind of just looks like a very low-budget PriPara). The concept of the Dressia’s is also a bit vague (Hana didn’t have to do anything to “earn” the Pegasus’s partnership. I was expecting something akin to the OG girls doing something to impress a designer to obtain a premium dress).

    I’ll definitely keep watching to see where it goes though.

  8. While the acting is not amazing it reminds me of some other live action animes remakes (like sailor moon) so i can feel it will be enjoyable. Also Happy Aikatsu is already stuck in my head. Thanks for continuing with Aikatsu

    • The acting is fairly standard for a Japanese TV drama. All the main “actresses” here are actually idols or talent, meaning their real job is to sing, dance, and/or entertain; them getting to act is merely a consequence of that. Their agencies likely aren’t producing them to star in big-budget movies or shows.

  9. A new beginning, and a new Aikatsu. Glad to have you and Etoce back, Akatsukin. Hope you enjoyed your months-long break, because it’s time to get back to subbing Aikatsu for the masses.

    So…Planet. Live action combined with 3DCG and 2D animation…an novel concept, to say the least. We shall see how this pans out in the near future.

  10. While every new installment felt worse than the previous one to me, they still felt Aikatsu to their core imo, but not this one.
    There’s no Aikatsu here at all.
    Aikatsu is cutting down trees, climbing mountains and training recklessly to achieve your dreams, in the long run.
    This is Elza’s BS in a Pripara setting with just the people that used to work on previous Aikatsu installments as the one making it.

    I’m calling quits, I don’t care whether this is going to be successful or the demise of the franchise but I sure do not intend to bother with another episode.

    I, at least, can hope that whoever is watching and working on this series has fun and overall enjoy what they got, maybe you guys are able to see something that I don’t even comprehend.

  11. This!
    I am 110% in for the Hype, this is so waaahhhhhhh, finally something to look forward to during lockdown!!

  12. Hey Akatsukin!

    I’ve been really busy with work this past year or so, and I know we haven’t really got a chance to talk since that live ended up getting cancelled last year, but I’m really happy to see you subbing Aikatsu Planet!

    After admittedly having a hard time getting into Friends, there’s something about Planet that really scratches the itch for idol anime I’ve had these past couple years. It maybe even surpasses the expectations I have for an Aikatsu show. There’s something I just find unbelievably fresh about the fusion of live-action and animated segments—it’s almost as if this was the next logical conclusion of the series’ formula, and I’m very interested to see where they take it.

    I remember you having some reservations about the show when it was announced, saying you weren’t sure if you would sub it, so I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying it. I could always watch the show raw, but watching with your subs just makes it feel a little more like home.

    And hey, if you’re ever in Tokyo again, let me know. I would love to get a chance to meet up with you again once this pandemic is all over.

  13. I had a hard time finishing Stars!, Friends!, and havent completed watching Parade!. I don’t dislike them, they are just not the Aikatsu OG that I’ve come to know and love. And the fact that Planet! so different and yet still very Aikatsu is what makes me actually sit through this first ep and can’t wait to watch more! I’m glad we still have Mezashite in this journey 🙂

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