Aikatsu Planet! – 005

I think this actor’s name might literally be Prince

In terms of buildup and every single scene leading up to the conclusion of this plot, this episode probably has all the others beat. I’m really impressed with the way all the pieces came together to build a satisfying story for Hana and the others. Maybe eventually there’ll be a drama episode which utilizes both inside and outside Aikatsu Planet together.

Episode 005: Torrent | Magnet

3 thoughts on “Aikatsu Planet! – 005

    • I mean og aikatsu had some episodes of movie productions and they were great, I wish we could see it here as well. Now that I think about it it would also be nice to see dorama episodes in planet haha

  1. Great work as always guys. I’m surprised by this series so far, I was kinda ehh towards it as many fans were, but now I’m finding myself enjoying it.

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