Aikatsu! – 135

Praise it!

Praise it!

Just like the Japanese assume children know that yotsuba = four-leaf clover, I assume you all do as well. There were some other Kobe related things in the episode, but you should be able to understand them. If not, then reevaluate what your world is centered around.

Episode 135: Torrent

Aikatsu! – 132

Symbolism? It couldn't be

Symbolism? It couldn’t be

And we have our second unit. This episode is extremely hot, unless you know what real bullfights are actually like, in which case I hope you like gore. I feel like I’ve mentioned that particular thing in a previous episode, too. Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, we’re going to get a second transfer student soon, in place of Yuu again. <- (Spoiler)

Episode 132: Torrent

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Aikatsu! – 131

No handholding, no lewd

No handholding, no lewd

I barely noticed the first time, but upon QC this episode was hella gay. Seriously, just look at Rin’s face in nearly any scene. Also, Sunrise BN has disappointed me. Or maybe they haven’t. They made me feel something at least.

Episode 131: Torrent

Aikatsu! — 127

This isn't even her final form

This isn’t even her final form

New school year! This episode was extremely bonita. Also, staff shuffle. There’ll be some TL/edit flip-flopping at random from now on, and joletb has taken over for TS (in addition to encoding). He also styled the OP. Also, there may be a surprise coming soon. Don’t spoil it.

Episode 127: Torrent

(By the way, you really want to read the rest of this post. It even has our reason for being late)

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