Aikatsu! Mirai e no Starway will be subbed

I know we’ve been quiet even after the BD release of the movie, but we do have it, and we will be subbing it as always. Unfortunately as time has passed we’ve gotten busier with other life commitments, but it will be done. I can’t give an exact estimate, as some very important things need doing now, but we will release. Just as a heads up, it seems that the movie was released as three separate episodes on the BD, so we’ll be putting them all out as a single package once we’re done.

19 thoughts on “Aikatsu! Mirai e no Starway will be subbed

  1. You guys are legends, really thanks for this.
    Its been 7 years since i started aikatsu and this movie looks great.

    • Lucio você por aqui! O responsável por me fazer ver Aikatsu e olhe só, hoje é meu terceiro anime favorito. Esta obra foi minha companheira em um momento muito ruim e sempre terá um lugar enorme no meu coração e eu não teria conhecido ela sem sua recomendação. Obrigada! <3

  2. I’m so excited for it, and I’m so glad you’ll be subbing it, I cannot wait for this movie! Thankyou so much

  3. I went to Tokyo for the final live and I was very thankful this was still in theaters at the time. Much love to you all and I’m super excited to see this subbed!

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