Aikatsu! The Movie Status


Encoding: 100*%
Timing: 100%
Translation: 100%
Songs: 100%
Edit: 100%
TLC: 100%
Typesetting: 100%
QC: 100%
恋: 100%

53 thoughts on “Aikatsu! The Movie Status

  1. I was wondering what was happening with it.
    1 to check off my yet to be picked up list

    Thanks very much!!!!

  2. I was wondering what was happening with it.
    1 to check off my yet to be picked up list

    Thanks very much!!!!

  3. at least we know that if they are going to translate the movie because if this good and not bored waiting to see the sub . thanks

  4. Wait, I am confused. Is this an announcement that you are working on it, or an announcement that you aren’t….?

    • Well, if the timer is free and wants to do it right away, it can be done. You just use placeholder lines in the script and c/p the real lines in later.

  5. wow so fast. anyway, when did the movie happen again? i remember its between episode 110+ or something?

  6. Gosh, ya’ll are soooo close! I bet this is going to be super swell quality as always.

    I can’t promise that I won’t cry real tears while I watch this and I can’t say enough how happy I am that you’ve continued to sub this show all this time.

    I can honestly say that Aikatsu plays a BIG part in keeping me sane and waiting for your releases every week and watching them is one of the most important parts of my routine. It may seem a silly thing, but this show and your work is one of the things keeping me grounded and alive right now.

    Amidst a sea of autism and depression I can count on you guys supplying me my weekly dose of cute girls doing their best to improve themselves and make themselves, their friends, and their fans happy and IDK man you’re an invaluable part of my life and will continue to be so long as this show is running.

    Keep on with your subkatsu and know your work is SUPER DUPER appreciated.

    From the status right now, then it'll be release in a few hours, right? XD

  8. Hopefully this isn’t like the standard Windows progress bar where the first 99.9% takes 5 minutes and the last .1% takes 6 hours.

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