Aikatsu Planet! – 014

Downright inspirational music

Man, there was a very important revelation this episode, which changes everything. Suddenly a lot of things make much more sense. And on top of that, it was just a really uplifting and inspirational story.

Episode 014: Torrent | Magnet

2 thoughts on “Aikatsu Planet! – 014

  1. Well, so much for Meisa having a hidden evil agenda or anything like that; turns out that she was indeed just a free spirit after all.

    Q-Pit definitely got the lion’s share of development in this episode tho; she’s one of the standout characters of the series thus far, and it’s really great to have focus episodes involving her. While on the other hand, this was probably the least amount of focus Hana has had thus far.

  2. Q-Pit needs to learn some tact.

    Ann: I made you this food with all my love!
    Ayumi: you know, Meisa is special to me.
    Ann: I love you!
    Ayumi: yes, I heard you the first time. Did I mention that Meisa is the best?

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