Aikatsu Friends! – 002

M-Masaka… love is alive once more

Man I love the staff for a day episodes, they always make sure to enforce how important every single aspect of Aikatsu is. There’s just so many great little things in this episode, from old Aikatsu references to expanding the setting to making sure there’s plenty of room for character growth. My waku waku is as high as it was last week.

Episode 002: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 001

Cards are friends, fans are friends! Aim to make a million friends!

It’s happening! That art! That music! Those characters, voices, animation, story, family, songs, CG, direction! Every time I rewatched part of this episode, even if only a few seconds, I fell more in love with it. The only advice I can offer is the exact same thing I said two years ago: have no expectations, give it a try, wait a while, then watch it again. I can guarantee that with time, you’ll feel it nestle comfortably inside your heart, right next to Aikatsu and Stars. After all, the more friends the merrier.

Episode 001: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – Baton Pass

The Shining Line continues!

I was definitely waiting until the right time between series to release this, not just being too lazy to sub a 10-line 45-second PV. This is just Youtube quality, feel free to reupload it if you have a better rip. I really only did it for posterity. Also, scroll down now if you want to see the Behind the Subs panel, I finally put it up.

Baton Pass: Torrent | Magnet