Aikatsu Friends! – 058

Charles is handsomest boi

Just an absolutely fantastic episode. If you’re into this more mature plotline with Hibiki and Alicia, you’ll love it. Keep writing episodes, Narita.

Episode 058: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 058

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where our play starts.

    A small city is ravaged by a terrible cataclysm. Three outsiders arrive: one is a down-to-earth professional, eager to prove her trade’s worth to the population. Another is trying to reconnect to her past, yet that very past makes her hunted by the local authorities. The last is a girl with the strange power to connect to others through their feelings.

    The catastrophe has erased all hope from everyone’s hearts. The ruler had to make decisions with terrible consequences for himself. And because of the local traditions, the inhabitants are wary of anyone from the outside. The three will need the help of children to face the situation, and in turn must try to bring salvation to those children themselves. The cataclysm will thwart their every effort, but if they are to be accepted and recognized by those in power, they must stand strong in the face of hopelessness, and pray their skills will be enough to erase the inexorable threat.

    Pathologic? No, Aikatsu Friends.

  2. Hibiki and Alicia… they should maybe reform as Fire and Ice?

    So has anyone else noticed that now Aine kisses her cards right before changing?


  3. I hope this arc is at least three or four episodes long, cause I’m loving it sooo much.
    Thank you for doing this, as always.

  4. Wow, this episode gave me some serious AKB0048 vibes! There was that one episode where they performed on a planet that was covered in snow and where entertainment was completely banned. People looked equally grim and sad there… But the setting was quite different, still reminded me of one of my all-time favorite animes, heh. The day Aikatsu turns into a dynamic idol anime like AKB is the day I will seriously fall in love with this anime. A girl can dream :c

    Has Hibiki forgotten everything they told her about connecting with Alicia? She waltzes into her country and straight up asks her to be Friends with her again… She’s direct, I give her that, but couldn’t she at least try to show that she is seriously interested in forming Friends with Alicia as a person and not as someone that empowers Hibiki and does Aikatsu with her? The fact that she didn’t know about Solvette’s circumstances makes me sad. Since Alicia is the princess, a bit of research could’ve been done beforehand, imo. Oh well, let’s see where this leads to.

    Charles is cute! And he seriously looks like a younger genderbend Alicia, haha Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

    Also, is Solvette supposed to be located in Russia or is it some made-up country that is somehow just kinda similar? Alicia seems to be wearing clothing I’d imagine one would wear during russian winters in the next episode (also the glasses suit her so well, hnnnnngh).

    At any rate, really excited to see how this all will turn out!

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