Aikatsu Stars! – 022

Quiz: How closely have you been watching Stars, and what's wrong with this image? Answer after watching

Quiz: How closely have you been watching Stars, and what’s wrong with this image? Answer after watching

Congratulations: If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably just reached your 200th episode of Aikatsu! It hasn’t been four years just yet, but it’s still quite the accomplishment for everyone.

The name of Yume’s CD is the same as the title of episode 1, but we shortened it a bit here. It’s also the name of a real upcoming song you can see on the back of the case (if you can also read Japanese). This episode was visually different than usual, if only because the animation director (probably) made everyone look cute and mushy. You can see it clearly in the final scene. There are also some nice little continuations of past events which were fun to spot, so I hope you feel the same.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 021

Second best sensei this season

Second best sensei this season

They play Red Light Green Light this episode, but Anna makes it all clever and stuff. They also do some tongue twisters—so far as I can tell, they aren’t supposed to make sense (for the same reason as before, actually). Besides the PLOT, there were some interesting little things, like who wears what coord. Unfortunately it seems like someone on either animation direction or storyboarding was asleep at the wheel, because a lot of cuts aren’t fluidly put together this episode. It still looks good enough though. And we get plenty of the mint trio too. Also Laura’s CG hair is definitely not stiff enough.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 020

I just wanted to show off their casual clothes

I just wanted to show off their casual clothes

Tsubasa means wings (not bird), and Taiyou means sun. No it is not related to Icarus. This episode is almost like a tongue-in-cheek joke about Ichigo and cliffs. You’ll see what I mean if you keep in mind who voices Tsubasa. And the title “Taiyou ni Moero” could be a reference to any number of things including “Taiyou ni Hoero” or “Moero! Taiyou”, old Japanese films and shows. They aren’t important to the plot though.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 019

I feel like there's another dancing character who's also FREEDOM and BURNING...

I feel like there’s another dancing character who’s also FREEDOM and BURNING…

So much Dance Class, and also a hint of a new “flower” addition to the cast… I’m sure many of you know who she is, and I for one am very excited to see what happens when she finally joins. As for the next episode preview, don’t take the exact wording we used that seriously. It’s hard to hear Japanese people speak English sometimes.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 018

The admins are the cutest

The admins are the cutest


There, now I can just redirect people here in half a year when the BDs come out. This episode did a great job of combining like three related plotlines into one episode. It was also written by Kakihara Yuuko, finally, after like 15 episodes off. That was a long wait.

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