Aikatsu Planet! – 021

The Dressia’s summons?

As you know from the preview, we blow past the entire semifinals this week, but perhaps something else begins to change? I was so immersed in the episode I had no idea what was coming, and I got totally surprised.

And some news, which you may already know. At the moment, Aikatsu Planet’s current timeslot will be ending in the last week of June. We don’t know yet what will come next, but I’d appreciate if you could be patient and refrain from speculation here. Thank you.

Episode 021: Torrent | Magnet

2 thoughts on “Aikatsu Planet! – 021

  1. I don’t think anyone saw that (the Dressia’s turning into human-like forms) coming at all, let alone the appearance of the good old Aikatsu tradition of incorporating wings as well. Planet sure has a few surprises up its sleeve; now let’s see if it can keep the momentum and hype going.

    Also iirc, this episode is supposed to be the overall 400th episode of the Aikatsu series overall, so congrats!

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