Charlotte – 06


Clover-hairpin-chan second-best?

Joint with Good Job! Media.

Maybe this series does have some OP foreshadowing after all. Speaking of foreshadowing, I’m not alone in feeling that the word “to foreshadow” can be used in common speech to mean “to be an omen of”, right?

Oh yeah, and I made an account because at least one of the cool people is doing it, and I’m supposed to link to it to get questions or something… but I don’t want to do that because it feels so attention-whorey.

Episode 06: Torrent | Magnet

5 thoughts on “Charlotte – 06

  1. This is only my opinion, but I would say that ‘foreshadow’ and ‘omen’ have subtle differences. To mind something that has been foreshadowed is only truly recognized in retrospect, you may have correctly intuited what would happened but you may not, but looking back the hints seem obvious. Whereas I would think an omen is a sign of a very specific event that is recognizable in the moment in which it occurs.

    Anyways, thank you for the episode!

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