Winter 2014 Plans

Edit: FTW (FFF/UTW, which is basically URW from season one) is apparently going to do it, so we don’t feel obligated to do it ourselves anymore. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching the gg/URW sub war from the first season continue in the form of Commie/FTW. Instead, we’re doing Sakura Trick (I think).

Guess who the new KyoAni group is?

Guess who the new KyoAni group is?

With the announcement of a simulcast, we feel obligated to bring you an original translation (as we always do). Get ready to return to the realm of people who only think they have powers (inb4 KyouKana x chuu2 crossover battle to the death). Starts this week, so get ready for it.

Autumn 2013 Plans

Do I look like a normal human to you?

Do I look like a normal human to you?

The decision has been made: Mezashite! will be subbing KyoAni’s new anime, Kyoukai no Kanata, next season.  And this time, the chuunibyou delusions are real.  Too bad they didn’t keep the concept art…

That’s all we’ve got for you right now.  We don’t think this is going to change, but other anime may be picked up or dropped as we see fit.  Maybe.  Don’t ask.

Saimoe Contest


Every year, Akatsukin and I play a prediction game for the Saimoe tournament. In the past, we used spreadsheets and IRC, which was really cumbersome and annoying, so this year, I decided make a thing to make it less cumbersome and annoying. That thing comes in the form of a website-ish thing, found here. I figured that since it existed, I might as well make it open.

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Summer Season Plans

It seems we haven’t made a post about this season’s plans, and since we’re working on the first episode already, I figured I should probably announce it. We’re doing Kiniro Mosaic (which translates kinda to “Golden Mosaic”).

The first episode will be delayed until approximately 24 hours from now because Akatsukin is really high right now. Akatsukin is stuck in the San Francisco airport because of the crash, so we… don’t have typesetting. And the script hasn’t been edited yet.

Also, “they” have been suggesting the existence of a second Aikatsu season. Nothing’s confirmed though, so who knows.

New Website


We have a new website, Well, new address, anyway. The site hasn’t changed much. We will harness all the extra power we have obtained… eventually.

For now, I guess it’s just a new address. If for some sick reason, you have us bookmarked, I guess having to update it is your punishment.

Everything on the old website has been moved to the new one, but any new comments made on the old website will stay there. New comments go on the new website.

Surprise! New Season Plans


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Well, I’d say we did a great job waiting until the last possible minute to announce this.  We were throwing around a few ideas on which new show to pick up (as we’re still limited to a two show per season schedule), and eventually decided on this manga adaptation by Studio Gokumi, most commonly known for A Channel, Saki Achiga, and NakaImo.  It’s called Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, literally translated as Crime Edge of Cutting and Separating (although what we’ll use in the show is still up in the air).  The basic premise is that the main character who loves cutting girls’ hair meets a girl whose hair cannot be cut.  Turns out she’s the “Hair Queen”, and Mr. MC must protect her from a group of people who all hold “Killing Goods”, mystical items which cause the user to go insane lest they fulfill their bloodlust.  You can watch the incredibly uninformative trailer here. Show airs tomorrow, although it might take us until Thursday for the first episode.  Staff distribution will be the same as for OreShura.

Winter Anime Plans

In case it wasn't abundantly clear what kind of series this is.

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear what kind of series this is.

You might not expect this, but we don’t plan on just sitting back and happily doing only Aikatsu for the next 40 weeks- no, we also plan on picking up next season’s harem/romcom LN adaptation with a ridiculous name! Ha ha ha!

So yeah, look forward to it, and we hope you’ll continue to support us.

Need more Idols?

So as I was looking around for more Aikatsu things, I happened to run across the official Aikatsu! TV Youtube channel.  It’s got a few promo vids, a summary of the press conference explaining the game, and, most surprisingly, several endorsements by my favorite AKB48 idol, Itano Tomomi.  They even put in a character model for her in the game.  It’s kind of interesting if you just can’t wait until the next episode, and it gives a few teasers for outfits, songs, and new modes that’ll be in the anime.

If you want to check out actual gameplay, try niconico here, here, or here.

Now with DDL!

Right, so now that I see there’s a need for it, I’ve tried out a certain uploading site to try and bring Aikatsu! to those of you who can’t use torrents.  XDCC bots cost money, so for now we’re looking for good free options. If you have any opinions then please say so in the comments or check out the irc channel.

Aikatsu! 03 DDL