Now with DDL!

Right, so now that I see there’s a need for it, I’ve tried out a certain uploading site to try and bring Aikatsu! to those of you who can’t use torrents.  XDCC bots cost money, so for now we’re looking for good free options. If you have any opinions then please say so in the comments or check out the irc channel.

Aikatsu! 03 DDL

3 thoughts on “Now with DDL!

  1. You can try asking around to “borrow” some space on someone else’s bot. Putting a single series on there shouldn’t bother them too much. I know you guys said you’re pretty new to fansubbing, but if any of your staff are in other sub groups, have them ask the person with the bot in their other groups.

  2. Thanx for being the only one subbing this show i thought for sure i would be forced to watch the raw keep up the epic work! 😀

  3. Try depositfiles as well. There pretty good on hosting still. You could use MF, but probably good to stay away from them since in the us for now. Also check out #news on IRC. Some bots on their automatically host new files when there released on TT.

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