Aikatsu Friends! – 023

I want an anime about boxing Onii-chan and his supportive family

I’m conflicted! This episode was great! But… it was done by… by Kyogoku Takahiko! It was his first actually good idol anime script and direction! If only he could stay like this on the light side and never return to the dark one. But, the power of money is too strong. My friends, never be blinded by greed and lust, for they will make you stray from the righteous path of Aikatsu.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 022

Wow, the surface of the moon is beautiful

Happy 300th episode of Aikatsu! Let’s celebrate by not knowing how moon phases work! But for real, I very much enjoyed this, and we’ve officially reached our 8 idol count to match the original series. But then, what could the seiyuu auditions be for…? One way or another, I’m sure a divination of our future looks bright. And also, we haven’t forgotten about Nana-chan. Our translator was just off enjoying the 5th Anniversary Fest in Japan, but we’ll get to them soon.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 020

Secret best face of the episode

I felt that with this episode, I’ve finally uncovered exactly what the secret behind Honey Cat is. Exactly what is so opposite in Maika and Ema, that when one is lacking, the other is abundant. Maybe you’ll find something different than me, and we’ll all see them in a unique way. In any case, I think this will probably end the false dichotomy thing that’s been going on, and we can move into new waters again next week.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 018

Would you form Friends with a ghost?

Man, there were quite a few plots going around this episode, and I personally enjoyed the
B plot and C plot more than the main one (those being Aine and Sakuya respectively). At the same time, Maika was super extra cute, so it balances out. Also, the animal parade unit is best unit.

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