Aikatsu Friends! – 011

Hello, Coco-chan. How can I make a cute idol girlfriend?

Kimi wa dare to Friends wo suru?

Honestly, my first time watching this episode I thought it was just average. Thankfully that was only due to a couple things that I’ve pinpointed and come to terms with, and upon multiple rewatches it stands out as yet another fabulous episode. However, I have absolutely no idea what to expect for next week, which just makes it all the more exciting.

Episode 011: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 010

Chocolate and potato chips? That’s a weird combination…

If it were possible to feel more like real middle schoolers and do a better job of seamlessly showing opposite personality traits that are consistent with everything we knew about the characters previously, I have yet to see it. My expectations were far surpassed.

Episode 010: Torrent | Magnet

(P.S. Just call it chocolate, okay, I know it’s probably youkan)

Aikatsu Friends! – 009

My heart is as soft as mochi for this Aine

Everything is so good! I can’t believe just how much was packed into this one episode that had been built up before, but then again, that’s what we can expect from Kakihara Yuuko (and for that matter, this week’s PriChan and Precure were amazing too). There were a lot of little things I didn’t catch during my first watch, and it definitely holds up to repetition, so enjoy it as many times as you want.

Whoops, forgot about the episode title. Just so we’re clear, the 友希 in Yuuki Aine’s name is not the same kanji as 勇気 for Brave Melody. Aine’s kanji actually mean “friend hope”.

Episode 009: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 007

How could anyone refuse a request from this idol witch?

Looks like I Aikatsu’d a bit too hard this weekend traveling and seeing friends I haven’t met since original Aikatsu started airing. Either that, or Mirai and her mind-blowing GOAT song and performance took my brain a while to catch up with enough to actually do. Although it’s out a day late, I’ll remind everyone what our Mezashite policy has always been and will always be: Releases will always be before the next episode airs, and we’ve not broken this promise even once. At least the wait is worth it for this.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 005

I get distracted by butterflies too

Maika descends! I’ll take this opportunity for the most basic rundown of her name, which I feel like I haven’t done in a long time. 蝶野 舞花, just to give the important meanings, contains the kanji for butterfly, dance, and flower. Hope that helps explain the episode title and all her butterfly motifs. Although it was great getting so much Maika this ep, I feel like they went a tiny bit overboard with characterization. Like one or two points could’ve easily been left for a future episode (especially one near the end), but overall it was still fun. And there are even more hints of a rather interesting development that may be coming; the only question is when it’ll hit.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 003

If it’s a Mio episode, then why did Aine get the best faces? Checkmate

The strong flow of Aikatsu continues in this episode, even with a first time writer. I adore the weight that’s being put into becoming Friends, it may even be stronger than units have been in the past. But all that means is that the magic that will come later will be stronger as well. Let’s all try and reach a higher stage, even if it’s only a tiny step at a time.

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