Aikatsu on Parade! – 002 (Plus 01 4K version)

Wake up, it’s time for Aikatsu!

Idols from another school try to secretly invade? Now where have I heard that storyline before… See what happens this week when two stars come together to become one!

Also, our wonderful encoder tested what the 4K broadcast was like and redid episode 1. The native resolution is 810p, which means that it is the best size it can possibly be. We likely won’t be continuing this going forward, but either way, you can now enjoy the opening of the story in the highest possible quality (outside BDs, probably).

Episode 002: Torrent | Magnet

Episode 001 (4K): Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu on Parade! – 001

This show is a lucky miracle!

Ai! Katsu! Aikatsu! Watch it right now! It’s amazing! It’ll make you glad you were born!

Raki-chan herself has one interesting catch-phrasing I could explain, which is がんばっちゃお! (“ganbacchao!”). It’s really the ending of this which she uses frequently, which is why she appears to randomly say “ciao” at one point, and probably more in the future. Just accept it and enjoy the little bundle of hope and inspiration.

Episode 001: Torrent | Magnet

P.S. Aikatsu on Parade is a sequel to Aikatsu, Stars, and Friends. For the full experience, watching all the the previous series in their entirety is a requirement.