Aikatsu Stars! – 059

So many style points on those pajamas

So many style points on those pajamas

Yes, so good, all this Kakihara Yuuko. The symbolism, it sustains me. And all the new songs from the OST that I haven’t heard before. Now this is what I’m talking about.

Episode 059: Torrent | Magnet

14 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 059

  1. Everyone is bashing Yume’s voice and maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I feel it was done on purpose to justify her not getting her dress? I reckon when she does, her performance will be top notch and her voice amazing, in which then the Aikatsu system will choose her!

    • All Elza said was that Yume is “lacking skill in dress design.” Earlier, Rei said that there are two things you need to get Star Wings: a perfect idol/performance, and the greatest Premium Rare Dress. You can take from this that Yume is already perfect, she just doesn’t have the dress making skills yet. But there is someone rather close to Yume who keeps improving her skills…

      • Koharu? 😉 xD

        I can totally see Yume getting her wings last!

        I’m wondering if Elza is being helpful to Yume or just trying to hold her captive for longer until Hime comes xD

        Thanks for the subs ^.^

    • I don’t know what the issue is with Yume’s vocals, they sounded like what I’m used to Yume sounding like. I would point out though, none of the main characters (Ichigo, Akari, Yume) have had the best singing voices compared to some others (???, Sumire, Laura), but I think that is probably intentional. I take it as saying that you don’t need to have the best sounding voice to be the best idol, there’s way more to it than just your voice. I’d find it a little depressing to be told by example that you can only be the best if you have the prettiest voice.

      • I love this response!

        You’re spot on! I find the main characters, although good, often have that learning curve, whereas their companions (like you said, Sumire, Laura) have often been shown as the singers, but with their own challenges!

        I also really dig Yume’s singing voice! It’s as unique as her xD

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