Aikatsu Stars! – 060

I wonder if you can guess what Alice's last name is

I wonder if you can guess what Alice’s last name is

Eat steak and spinach. Actually, I wonder how many people have seen that classic cartoon about a sailor who bulks up with a can of a certain green vegetable in this era.

Episode 060: Torrent | Magnet

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    • I think I might be the only one who understood the PDQ Bach ref., kyudoka…

      Mea culpa kyrie elei-
      Sonny Tufts et Allah in Pompeii;
      Donna nobis pacem cum what mei;
      Agnus and her sister Doris Dei;
      Lord, have mercy on my solo.

  1. I hope we see Alice later in this season she’s quite pretty ^^

    I’m kinda excited for new episode although it will probably stir up some fans ahhh…

    Anyway thanks for another great job this week.

  2. So, Alice got thrust into AikaStars universe, switched her profession, and also got a complete makeover in terms of her hairstyle, eye color, and skin tone.

    That means…

  3. Spinach loving sailor is of course Popeye, and actually, one of sailors in Venus Ark really resemble Popeye (He was the one who caught Ako when they first sneaked to Venus Ark)

  4. Am i the only one who wants to punch Kirara? She is my least favorite character in seres and i hope someone will put such performance it will shut her down..

  5. Oh my. Elza’s being a savage again, isn’t she?
    Glad she thinks Yume will definitely get her wings. But she’ll probably get it last, and probably pull off a better performance than everyone else tbh.
    Alice is really cute; I’d like to see her more! Maybe she’ll become the new main protag. in S3 if there is one. (I don’t like Yume that much, but I don’t want her to leave her spot as the main protagonist lol.)

  6. Blonde girl named Alice? Last name must be Cartelet. Oh, no, wait, she’s French. (Of course I saw the answer in the episode and it’s a nice reference, although that Alice was also English…). In any case, I hope we see her at Four Star in the future.

    I think this season is walking a brilliantly fine line with Elza. There’s no one thing she does that can’t be justified by assuming she’s just being as strict with everyone else as she is with herself — which is the stance Yume takes. But she’s also manipulative, she gets people dependent on her praise and has built up this almost-creepy cult of personality, I don’t think she’s ever once acknowledged her fans or her staff (seriously, that was some amazing Butler-katsudo and Sailor-katsudo this week), and her reaction at Alice’s declaration seemed more fury than surprise. Plus, it *really* bothers me that she speaks as she’s entering the fitting room. Both series have treated that moment as almost sacred, and the way she makes it entirely about herself seems like… going up to to a shrine and making demands without bothering with the bell-ringing and hand-clapping ritual. Or something.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Thanks as always for bringing it to us!

    • Almost all real-world Cartelets actually are French. Not sure why the official localization team chose that spelling over the English spelling Cartlett.

      • Maybe because Japanese doesn’t have a stand-alone “t” sound and Cartelet is a somewhat closer match to the way either would be written (カータレット, Kātaretto)?

    • So, after seeing 63 I guess speaking when entering the fitting room is something that those with Star Wings are allowed to do. I still don’t like it.

  7. Thanks for this episode. Elza was the best thing to happen to this show since Stars began, and her performance today was truly stunning. An amazing moment, an amazing character.

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