Aikatsu Stars! – 042

Mikki and Saaya are here to save Aikatsu and worship Yuzu-sama, and they're all out of Aikatsu

Mikki and Saaya are here to save Aikatsu and worship Yuzu-sama, and they’re all out of Aikatsu

There’s a Walt Whitman “quote” in this episode, and yet it only exists in Japanese. The Walt Whitman Society of Japan doesn’t know what the original is, and both of us read through the poem anthology “Leaves of Grass” and could not find it. Lily once again proves that the Japanese just make crap up and pretend like it’s real, since nobody who knows English can tell the difference. On the other hand, the Helen Keller quote is spot-on, so it evens out to zero. Also, I feel you, Yume-chan. I feel exactly the same way.

Episode 042: Torrent | Magnet

PS: We have the movies and will work on them. No estimated time of release.

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 042

  1. Thank you so much for translating this series it brings much joy to me! But take your time with translating the movie i’ve waited since summer I don’t mind waiting another month or two

  2. Excellent and very yuri episode (which is of course the same thing). The performance was impressive as well. I think the CG has definitely improved since the start of Stars – or maybe I’m simply starting to forget how superior the original series’ was in comparison. In any case, thank you as always.

  3. The “Samba Song” was very cute -^_^- .

    Looking forward to next episode but i don‛t expect too much … Sadly i’m being realistic about M4 and romance matters in Aikatsu XP …

    Thank you for the subs! ☆♡

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