Aikatsu Stars! – 043

Who will be your Valentine?

Who will be your Valentine?

Congratulations Nyaa comments, your favorite new torrent response has been included in this episode, and for the most appropriate idol too. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Also, recall that Soleil received 10 truckloads of chocolate back in the day that were used to make that chocolate tower. Maybe use your imagination to figure out what might happen this time.

Episode 043: Torrent | Magnet

13 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 043

  1. Fun episode, thanks as always!

    So, I guess male idols don’t use the Aikatsu system? Pity, I’m sure the fitting room sequence would be epic.

    Did Anna-sensei always play a Random Star, and I’m only noticing now that I know what one is? (via “BanG Dream!”)

  2. I guessed too well what final words Yume and Subaru were going to exchange ^^; … Subaru was cute there XP …

    It’s a shame that they didn’t put too much effort into making a catchy song for M4 … I liked More Than True song in the old days of Aikatsu ^^; …

    Thank you as always! ^_^

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