We are still doing Aikatsu

I figured since it’s the new season and we’re being late I should at least say something.  We’ll get it out soon, so just hang in there.  No need to respond, I’ll delete this post when we release.

Holy shit that ending

Holy shit that ending

11 thoughts on “We are still doing Aikatsu

    • There’s no space to put anything at the bottom. Also, the English is going to be over the karaoke because most translated lines are longer than the originals. Unfortunately, if you want regularly sized text it’s going to be on top of some of the credits. The screenshot I used was just from the translation phase; it looks very different in the actual release.

      • Putting one of the line under the kanji is helping to prevent the kara bumping into the credits, it’s really recommended in fansubbing universe. Take example of Doremi, Commie, or Naisho…

  1. I figured with it being a new season, and a new intro and ending that it would take longer than the average episode of the past. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when you put out the episode. Thanks for the update, and the effort you put into the show.

  2. I had no idea what komarimatsu shown in that screen cap meant, so I had to look it up to find out it means: to be troubled. That may be worth translating in the future instead on leaving in Japanese.

  3. Have watched the raw since I was just too excited to wait it was a great episode just can’t wait to re-watch it subbed. :3

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