Sakura Trick – 01

Hey, what happened to that show with the straight people?

Hey, what happened to that show with the straight people?

Just as we originally and solely promised, Sakura Trick episode 1! And with that, we have officially started the winter 2014 season. Trigger warning: if you don’t like hand holding, this is not the anime for you. Uh, a couple notes I guess? First, sakura is the Japanese (i.e. original) name for cherry blossoms, which are a symbol of Japan, and associated with spring and the beginning of a new school year. Yuzu is the name of a character, and also a citrus fruit (you’ll notice various references to this in the background if you pay attention). There’s an obvious reference to Pocky (the weeaboo snack of choice) in the episode, yakisoba are Japanese fried noodles (put on bread for some reason as a sandwich), and against all odds Haruka and Yuu’s names are right after each other in both Japanese and English (provided nobody’s inbetween). “Tokutouseki” (translated as treasured spot to fit the joke) literally means “special seat” or “reserved space”.

If you’re a fan of Shaft and/or Hidamari Sketch, then you’re going to love this. Also, there are some funny coincidences with the seiyuu names as well. I think that’s about it, so hopefully you’re done downloading by the time you’ve read this.

Edit: Very small fixes to v1.5, if you already watched it there’s no real need to update, but if you want to then here you go.

Episode 01: Torrent | Patch (v1.5)

Yuyu wanted me to post the endcard

Yuyu wanted me to post the endcard

26 thoughts on “Sakura Trick – 01

  1. i’m refreshing your page for a while for this
    finally 😀
    thanks 🙂
    beside Strawberry Panic,
    can i get some recommendation for this kind anime?

  2. Why are you calling the v2 patched file 1.5? That’s alluding how there’s an actual episode 1.5 which do happens sometimes. This isn’t the case, name your patches and updates like any other normal person please. It’s just episode 1v2.

  3. my my! I confused in what should be go with it in this bitch season :S, I guess goin with yuri will make it since I didn’t watch one before.

    Sank you…

  4. One of these days you’ll release a patch and remember to use quotations marks in the delete command line so it works properly.

    Seriously though, thanks for all you do!

  5. Thank goodness you forgot to add quotation marks on the line that would have deleted the first version of your release. Seriously, please don’t do that in your patches. I was still seeding the file and didn’t want it deleted .-.

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