Aikatsu Stars! – 040

Hair down Hime Hime is stunned by Yuri's refinement

Hair down Hime Hime is stunned by Yuri’s refinement

Yet another drama episode today. So Lily has a quote from a certain British detective, but I could not find an exact replica of what she says. If you figure out whether it’s real or she’s just making stuff up, let me know. And then Yuzu later makes a joke about trees and herself. Just substitute her name with “monkeys” and you’ll have the original.

Episode 040: Torrent | Magnet

Did I mention season 2 was confirmed? It was.

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 040

  1. Very enjoyable drama episode. Not able to stand up to the greats of the past – as is the case with all of Stars – but a competent outing. Thank you as always for your work.

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