Aikatsu Stars! – 038

Look forward to another year of Aikatsu!

Look forward to another year of Aikatsu!

A Happy New Year to everyone, and we’re finally back from the much-needed break. As expected of a very Japanese holiday, there were a couple notes to be had. The Taiga Drama that Tsubasa was cast for is a little bit too much to explain here, but can be easily found on Wikipedia. Then there’s the usual stuff you should already be familiar with like the ema (prayer plaques) which are hung up at shrines, and omikuji (fortunes), which are actually pretty in-depth. We’ve also got a confirmed second season of Stars, so we’re not stopping any time soon.

Episode 038: Torrent | Magnet

13 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 038

    • Now that I’ve completely watched the episode, are they just sticking M4 in there now? Like, I really like them and all but they didn’t have any interaction with the girls this epsiode, so it felt like they stuck it there just to show that “SubaYume is gonna be canon haahaha!!” (Which I don’t mind, btw.)

      I guess what I’m trying to say it: They didnt serve much of a purpose this episode. 🙁

  1. That was a great episode, can’t wait for the contest to select the new S4 members and I hope Yume make it into S4 or it will be just like Ichigo not becoming starlight queen all over again.

    Thanks for the subs.

  2. I think it’s way too soon for Yume & company to make it into S4. I expect we’ll see Lily or Yuri as Song Class S4, but I suspect next week’s episode might change Lily’s plans. I wouldn’t be surprised though if Yume (at least) moves up to being an admin.

  3. Saddened me that Koharu wasn’t even so much as mentioned this episode. Would have been nice if she at least sent Yume a card ._.

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