Aikatsu Stars! – 037

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Everyone knows that the Christmas episodes of Aikatsu are legendary, and Stars has carried on the tradition. I was losing it because of how incredible this episode was, with both old and new things happening, unexpected twists, and plot development. Snuggle up and enjoy. Also, no new episode next week due to the New Year, just like what happened during the very first season.

Episode 037: Torrent | Magnet

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 037

  1. I can’t believe they did Nice Boat XD

    Excellent episode, but as always I wish they wouldn’t use that song. Also shame we couldn’t get a little Koharu cameo ;_;

    Lily’s chainsaw scene was definitely the highlight of the episode.

  2. Thanks for the quick subs! Happy holidays to you guys.

    Time to ruin it with my Subaru gushing.

  3. Thank you for the quick update, I was worried I would have trouble torrenting the episode while I was out of town this weekend. 🙂

    I’m curious about the person at the desk sleeping(?) while Yume & company’s performance is streaming on KiraTube. Foreshadowing, like when Akari appeared briefly in two episodes long before she was introduced to us in the Audition Caravan?

  4. gossshhhhhhhhh that episode. wow. putting the yume/subaru stuff aside, that was an amazing episode. the whole tree felling scene was perfect, the first ever cover of an OG Aikatsu track in AiStars (I suspect not something that will happen again, but it’s possible I guess) and Yume really pushing on with her individuality.

    Also, happy holidays and thank you as always to everyone at Mezashite, both staff and fellow fans. Let’s continue our passionate idol activities into 2017!

  5. There are some people who are unhappy they chose to use that song for this Christmas episode, but you know what? I’m so happy. A nice bit of nostalgia in this series that is so different from what I’ve loved for four years, that reminds me that at its core its still VERY MUCH the same.

    A nice little nod to Aikatsu’s roots.

    I wish they’d cool it on the shipping tho, tbh? The little shippy moments on the side with the boys from M4 are 90% of what ruins this series for me compared to the others.

  6. M4 or any male have very little appearance in Aikatsu. I don’t get why some people complain about them that much. It’s hard to even look for fan-arts of M4 …

    I hope that M4 show up more often and i really want more Subaru x Yume moments 🙂 .

  7. Anybody going through withdrawal this week waiting for the next episode? Or are you spending some free time rewatching your favorite episodes? 🙂

    Happy New Year, everyone!

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