Aikatsu Stars! – 029

I won't lose

I won’t lose

Wow, in this episode BN Pictures simultaneously manages to spell “Kibougaoka” the way I like it (with the ‘u’ in the middle) as well as screw up a copy/paste on one of their signs. The girls watch videos in the middle of the episode, and all the phone says is “Halftime show [Class] [Year]”, nothing important. This was a really well constructed episode, and I won’t give anything away. Rumors say that next week with have even better staff too.

Episode 029: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. Thanks for this episode. Nice to finally have some serious stakes and conflict, as the series has been dragging for me a bit for a while now. Poor Rola just can’t compete when Yume hits her Limit Break: Triple Rainbow. It was actually quite shockingly violent (in Aikatsu terms) how she BLASTED AWAY Rola’s aura.

  2. Thanks for the subs!
    Laura losing to Yume again? I’m not impressed.
    But more importantly I have mixed feelings about next episode but I saw that coming it’s similar to what happened with Ran’s roommate who gave up being an idol before Ichigo and Aoi joined and Akari’s roommate that got even less screen time after they changed rooms.

    • Yeah, well Laura cheated by being born into a family of musicians and performers and was raised in an environment with all the best resources. It’s unfair compared to Yume who only got to eat cake and sweets for free.

  3. It *looks* like Yume’s Rainbow Aura blasted away Laura’s aura, but it could also have been that it shocked Laura into losing her focus, or whatever produces an idol’s aura. Notice she didn’t even attempt a Special Appeal. I doubt one idol’s aura can directly affect another’s, but it can affect another idol’s mood. I think Laura got overconfident, which made her bubble easily burst.

    I did notice that Yume didn’t appear to get into a coughing fit after this performance, maybe she’s handling it better. But I doubt she’s got control over the Rainbow Aura yet.

    I’ve also tried to catch their “bar graph” indicators way over their heads at the end of the song, but I haven’t succeeded yet.

    All of which are just my opinions. 😉

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