Aikatsu Stars! – 022

Quiz: How closely have you been watching Stars, and what's wrong with this image? Answer after watching

Quiz: How closely have you been watching Stars, and what’s wrong with this image? Answer after watching

Congratulations: If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably just reached your 200th episode of Aikatsu! It hasn’t been four years just yet, but it’s still quite the accomplishment for everyone.

The name of Yume’s CD is the same as the title of episode 1, but we shortened it a bit here. It’s also the name of a real upcoming song you can see on the back of the case (if you can also read Japanese). This episode was visually different than usual, if only because the animation director (probably) made everyone look cute and mushy. You can see it clearly in the final scene. There are also some nice little continuations of past events which were fun to spot, so I hope you feel the same.

Episode 022: Torrent | Magnet

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 022

  1. 200! Been watching since the beginning, and re-watching the original series recently. Love you guys and totally appreciate all that you do. Thanks!

  2. Thanks again!

    What’s wrong with the picture? What’s not wrong! Jeez, Yume’s sleeping face down, her head’s twisted uncomfortably (her neck’s going to be stiff in the morning), she’s still fully dressed and hasn’t let her twin tails down yet, and she’s in the wrong bed. She’ll probably end up drooling on Koharu’s pillow too. I hope Koharu doesn’t thrash much in her sleep ’cause she’s getting the upper bunk tonight.

    Did I miss anything? o_O

  3. Thanks for the susbs!

    200 episodes in total, guess that is the first time an idol anime got as long as battle shounen with only 2 seasons and in less than 4 years. Pretty Rhythm too a lot longer get this big. I wonder if we will be getting a new OP/ED once Stars reach 25 episodes and keep getting a new one every 25 like the original Aikatsu.

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