Aikatsu! – 62

Loli twintail Ichigo looking sad because her cake is almost gone

This is what Christmas with insufficient cake looks like.

Christmas! With real Christmas cakes! Like, actual cakes!

(For those of you who don’t know, “Christmas cake” is a term used to describe women over the age of 25 who want to marry, but cannot find a suitor. The logic is that no one wants a woman after her 25th, no matter how pretty she is, much like how no one wants a Christmas cake after the 25th, no matter how pretty it is.)

Episode 62: Torrent

3 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 62

  1. Thanks for the release, guys! Worth the wait, as always. ;D

    And thank you for not dropping this– can’t count how many times I’ve started watching more “childish” and “girly” anime like this… only to have subs cancelled halfway through. Keep up the good work, sweets. I katsu, you katsu, we all katsu– am I right?

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