Aikatsu! – 63

Humans dressed as a bear, a llama, and a piece of candy

We didn’t translate their names in the release, but I don’t think we needed to…

If we translated character names…

Ichigo = Strawberry Starcastle
Aoi = Hollyhock Mistarrow
Ran = Orchid Purpleblow
Otome = Maiden Nest-on-River
Yurika = Lily Wisterhall
Sakura = Cherrybloom Northroads
Kaede = Maple Firstshoal
Mizuki = Fairmoon Spiritfront

Also, the New Year’s bento they talk about has a Wikipedia page (so maybe we should’ve just had it as osechi).

Episode 63: Torrent

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 63

    • It does, but it also means hollyhock. Aoi’s name doesn’t have kanji to tell us which one it is, and 葵 (hollyhock) is one of like, a billion ways the name Aoi can be written (some of which are pronounced “aoi” only in names).

      Hollyhock was also chosen partly because it seemed to fit in with the rest better.

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