9 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 167

    • We’re getting close to the S4 Finale and even closer to the Starlight Queen Cup!

      I even made a fan page about this (with my theory): fandom-of-aikatsu.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_203_-_The_Neverending_Story

  1. For unknown reasons, I was able to download this only through Vuze.
    Downloading with utorrent and bittornado resulted into stucked download(while other torrents working fine).
    Does Nyaa website now allow only Vuze for their torrents?

  2. “Happiness Party”, “Luminas Christmas”, “Sketchbook of Dreams”…

    That’s three of the last five episodes that have gotten me a little choked up. Maybe I’m coming down with something….

    Thanks again, I was really looking forward to this episode after watching the raw on Thursday.

  3. Akari and Sena are finally getting closer huh? Man, I sorta miss the stuff with Ichigo, she was so air-headed about it all though.

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