Aikatsu! – 166

Rare Sumire in winter uniform without coat

Rare Sumire in winter uniform without coat

Buy the figurines! This episode made up for the week off. I won’t say much here and leave the enjoyment up to you, but they’re going full blast from the start. By the way “Start Dash” is wasei-eigo (that you can also hear in the OP) meaning basically the starting run when you’re in a race, like when track runners go off the blocks. You’ll get it.

Episode 166: Torrent | Magnet

>Forget release was on Nonocchi’s birthday
Wow I’m stupid. Happy birthday, Nono-chan! Now we managed to release for both potatoes.

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 166

    • I think so as well, though I’m also conflicted because I’d also love to see either Akari or Hinaki become the next Queen. Akari because it would give her an accomplishment that Ichigo never managed, and Hinaki because I’d like to see her come out more from the others’ shadows.

      I’m looking forward to seeing who rises to the top no matter what happens (and maybe we’ll see a bit more of Sakura during the competition, which would be most welcome to me).

      As always, thank you Mezashite, for all you do!

  1. I am definitely rooting for Akari to become Queen. She has come so far, and worked so hard. Watching her growth from initially failing the exam to where she is today has made her a very endearing character to me.

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