Aikatsu! – 118

Miyabi, the elegant idol from Kyoto, the old capital

Miyabi, the elegant idol from Kyoto, the old capital

You should already know that the naginata is a traditional weapon for the wives of samurai. Men traditionally didn’t use it, even if it is awesome. Also, nadeshiko is a type of flower. Enjoy our one month guest.

Episode 118: Torrent

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 118

  1. Thanks, good job as usual!

    I thought I had heard “nadeshiko” somewhere before… Sakura Kinomoto’s mother was named Nadeshiko (from Cardcaptor Sakura).

    • There is also “Yamato Nadeshiko”, according to Wikipedia it means “personification of an idealized Japanese woman”, basically, the standard of what someone would define as “pretty”.

  2. Miyabi-chan is cute~

    I was waiting that whole episode for her to meet Sakura-chan, so I am really looking forward to next ep 😀

  3. Thanks for the great work, as always. I’m really liking our one month guest idol.

    I’m a little surprised that you would mention that ‘nadeshiko’ is a type of flower without expanding specifically on ‘Yamato nadeshiko’ being a term used to describe one who embodies many of the traits of the feminine ideal in traditional culture.

    I also wonder if the mai in the next episode will be a kyomai given Miyabi’s origin – whatever, I’m just looking forward to seeing Sakura get some screentime. 🙂

    • I took “Yamato nadeshiko” to be common knowledge, but there are references to flowers in the song that might not make sense without that extra bit of into.

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