Aikatsu! – 119

Am I kawaii uguu~

Am I kawaii uguu~

I have some notes or something with minor spoilers.

Episode 119: Torrent

I don’t remember if I said this last time, but maiko (from Miyabi’s song) are apprentice geisha (there’s a good book on this which I can’t recall the name of because it’s 4 am and I just spent many hours watching the Nico livestream of Wonfes). Johnny says a lot of words, the first three of which are shrines/temples in Kyoto and the fourth of which is a Kyoto specialty [food]. Miyabi makes a pun at the end of the episode アイカツの道 Aikatsu no michi (Aikatsu path/way/road) and then changes it to アイドル道 aidoru-dou. This is how many martial arts are written such as judo and kyuudou (differences in spelling due to silly romanization practices). Kagura is explained in the episode, but the story afterwards about the goddess in the cave is from the Japan origin story of Amaterasu. Perhaps you’re familiar with it from anime or the game Okami. I think that’s it.



I'd like her to ______ her ______ at my _______

I’d like her to ______ her ______ at my _______

ドヤ顔 a.k.a. smugface

ドヤ顔 a.k.a. smugface

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 119

  1. Thanks!

    Aidoru-dou… I like it. And you’re right about “kyuudou” being awkward, and you definitely won’t get many Google hits with it… but you’ll at least pronounce it more correctly.


  2. Nice episode, though I was hoping to see more Sakura.

    I think ‘kyudo’ is the more commonly used romanization, at least that’s how I remember always seeing it, as in the American Kyudo Renmei.

    Anyways, thank you for your excellent work.

    • Absolutely correct. But too many Americans end up pronouncing it like they do “judo”, with short vowels (Japanese short vowels, not English ones). If it’s for me, I’ll write words out the longer way to remind myself how it should be pronounced. I’ve been caught by the more compact romaji too many times. o_O

      • And better yet is to write it with the long vowels like kyūdō. But finding those characters on my machines is a pain.

        But enough of this silliness. On to the next episode of Aikatsu. ^_^

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