9 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 102

  1. Hi!

    I’ve wanted to get into this show for a while, but I don’t have time to marathon 100 episodes…:/

    As such, can I start watching this without knowing anything? It looks like a spin-off from what I can tell?

    Help is Greatly Appreciated,

    – Sol

    P.S.: Your Crime Edge stuff was great! :))))))))

        • Yeah, there is a lot of stuff you would miss out on. I guess maybe you COULD try since it is now focusing on new characters (Akari may not be a new character, but she only had a little characterization last season), and then if you feel yourself being too lost you could go back and start watching from ep. 1

          I honestly think you should just go for it and watch from ep 1 anyways. It is an amazing show. I marathoned the whole thing in a week, but I had a lot of free time around that point.

          • I’ll try it out now, and if I get lost I’ll look at the wiki…:/

            I wish I had time for binge watching …but the AP Lit is keeping me pretty busy.

            Thank you for your help, CrimsonDX and Akatsukin. 🙂

  2. Awesome!

    I rank this new OP as my second favorite after Diamond Happy.

    Sumire is awesome.

    New phones and costumes ftw~

  3. Wow, I’m actually really liking the characters this season. (Not that that’s very surprising, even the DreAca girls grew on my very quickly last season.) Sumire’s a doll, and as usual Akari is sweet as sugar.

    I have high hopes. (‘;

  4. I have high hopes as well. That was great start for a new season. I like new characters a lot and OP was good as well. Keep it up Sunrise!

    Good luck with subbing another season and have fun doing this.

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