Aikatsu Friends! – 027

Amazing how their gradient just adjusts to hair length

So, was I right about my predictions? Was I wrong? We certainly have more information now than we had before for deducing developments either way. And before that, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the Sakuya and Kaguya stuff. They really brought it all home.

Episode 027: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. We know from in-show conversations that the gradient in their hair is for TV-audience-benefit only. They both look exactly the same to the other folks in the show, since nobody can tell them apart outside of behavior/facial expressions.

  2. It would be good to know how exactly the Diamond Friends Cup works… my guess is there are 3 spots open (aside from Love Me Tear, who gets in by default), and each spot is decided by some major event like the Brilliant Cup.

    If they want to make things more tense, they could have Pure Palette lose to Honey Cat for the next spot, plunging Mio further into despair, at which point AIne and Mio have their epiphany and manage to land the final spot.

    • Well, they did call this Brilliant Cup the winter Brilliant Cup. That would leave an opening for the other seasons as wel.

      And was it even ever mentioned the Brilliant Cup was a hard requirement for qualification for the Diamond Cup? Al we know is that Love me Tear won it before they became Diamond friends, and for that reason it is seen as the gateway to succes.

  3. the twin episodes always seem to make me cry… I’m really enjoying the Mio plot, as well. It seems she’s falling back into her bad habit of being too self-reliant. My current prediction is that Aine will snap her out of it and they’ll learn how to use peak mental performance together, only to end up losing to Karen and Mirai in the Diamond Friends Cup, but I guess we’ll see!

    Thanks as always!

  4. In the future, this episode will be well-known for:

    (a) the absolutely heartwarming Gothic duo that is Reflect Moon

    (b) Honey Cat’s suggestive/almost-sensual comments about chasing down and devouring their rivals

    (c) LMT (especially Karen) chewing out Mio like no other

  5. i’ve been on the fence almost every episode about these sisters, but these last two take the cake. i personally find this current arc to have the worst writing Aikatsu has ever had. for the first time in the entire franchise, there’s an entire subplot that i find laughably bad.

    I’m not hating—the anime as a whole is definitely not bad—but I’m honestly a bit jealous of anyone who is enjoying these episodes. I wish I could get into it and find their characters believable, but I just can’t. It’s all too over-the-top and overdramatic for my liking.

    • to further explain (because I really don’t want to come off as hating, and WordPress doesn’t let you edit comments):

      The recent episodes involving the Shirayuri sisters heavily rely upon you caring or liking their characters, and to give some credit, that’s what their respective introductory episodes tried to make you do. But I’ve always found their characters and traits pretentious, irrational and generally obnoxious, and I was never actually sold on them before it started delving into the subplot for the two of them (side effect of the show having bad pacing). It getting even more serious before I’ve even warmed up to the characters is just making me dislike and roll my eyes at them more and more, and they’ve quickly gone from being potentially likeable characters to characters that will most likely never appeal to me.

      At one point I almost did start liking Kaguya, but then Sakuya was introduced, which put me back to square one. I almost feel like Sakuya doesn’t even deserve her own character because, other than caring for her sister, she has virtually no character of her own. They’re more or less carbon copies of one another, and I understand that they’re two halves of a whole, it feels to me like those two halves are actually just the result of splitting one character into two.

      In short: If you don’t like the Shirayuri sisters, this arc totally falls flat and is a bunch of meaningless nonsense, with the Mio drama thrown in as either an afterthought or something they don’t have time to give its own episodes to. Kind of disappointing and I’m hoping it’ll turn it around.

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