Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru – 11

The first one to climb the hill

Who’s gonna win?

Heart says pink, brain says silver.

Tsundere: Too many slightly different definitions for me to pick one, lest I trigger possible anger. Google it if you need to.
Tsun: The tsun part of tsundere.
Dere: The dere part of tsundere.
Galge: Dating sim type “game” thing for guys.
Otome game: Like a galge, but for girls.
Route: A storyline corresponding to one love interest.
Flag: A bit flipped when something is tripped.

And when Ai pesters Eita to “sign” their marriage thing, she’s asking him to stamp it with his official stampy thing that Japanese people use to sign things. That’s why she wants to look in his room for it.

Episode 11: Torrent

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